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Which Type of Roofing Suits Your Home Best?

Those that aren’t architects still want to update their home now and then. The trouble is, without an architect’s background we don’t have the same knowledge of roofing and gutters as they do. With this in mind, we put together this short guide to roofing, so that you can pick the best type for your home.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the world of roofing, for a temporary glance over what you need to know.

What Types of Roofing Are There?

There are all sorts of different types of roofing to choose from. We have come a long way since the days of using thatch – although some homes in England still do. Over here in Perth, we tend to go with more modern roofing.

First of all; decide whether you want flat roofing or whether you want angled roofing. This will depend on location, as well as the type of materials you want your roof to consist of.

Some of the more common roofing materials include:

  • Solar tiled roofing – very popular at the moment and brings that dual purpose of lowering your energy bills. Usually only placed on angled roofs.
  • Asphalt shingles, clay, slate, or concrete tiling – this is the most common roofing type by far. Slates are laid on top of one another at an angle, so that the rain runs off. Not to be found on flat roofs usually.
  • Metal roofing and stone-coated-steel – metal roofs are somewhat fading in popularity. Here in Australia, metal roofing works to heat up the contents of your home so we don’t advise it. That being said, it does have a place in industrial buildings.
  • Green roofing – again, this is becoming more and more popular. People wanting to add a flat roof to a shed or garage are turning to the green roof. A layer of moss is added to the top of the roof and flowers, plants, and other vegetation is encouraged. This layer soaks in all the sunshine and you are left nice and cool, below. We would only suggest you use this with flat roofs.

What’s best for you?

Deciding which roofing type is best for your home isn’t just about what matches the outside. You may want help with your energy bills, in which case solar panelling will work best. You may want to soak up the sun’s energy with some green roofing, and you may prefer traditional slate or asphalt.

Whichever you choose, think about the costs of maintenance, the money it is likely to save you, and the ability of your roof to seal in both heat and cold, depending on the time of year. When it comes to roofing, not all types are created equal. Of course, if you are still stuck you can always get outside help.

Getting Help with Roofing in Perth

If you happen to live in Perth or the surrounding areas, and you need help with your roof, then help is on hand. can give you expert advice on what will look best atop your property. There’s no cost in asking a question, so contact us today and find out what roof will match, and what will be a waste of money, for your home.