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What to Remember When Planning Your Wedding

Your wedding should be the happiest day of your life, but the planning stage can be anything but. With the venue, food, guests, and so much more to consider, it can quickly become overwhelming to sort everything before the big day. To make sure your to-do list is complete, here are some things to remember when planning your wedding.

Accommodation for Yourself and Guests

While you’ve probably thought about where you’ll walk down the aisle and where you and your guests will dance the night away, have you considered where everyone will sleep? You don’t necessarily need to provide accommodation for all your guests, but if you are planning a wedding far from home, it is wise to do so.

The easiest way to accommodate everyone is by combining your venue and stay. By choosing to have a wedding Adelaide Hills based, you can enjoy gorgeous views, excellent catering, and luxury accommodation on your special day.

To Set a Budget

Planning a wedding isn’t all about picking what you’ve always dreamt of. Sometimes, reality comes to bite you, and you realise you can’t have two-hundred guests as well as the dress that costs more than your car. To make everything simple, set a budget before you even start planning so that you don’t end up disappointed.

Once you’ve created a budget, then write a list of everything you need to pay for in order of priority. By doing this, you make sure you fit in everything important to you while sacrificing the stuff that you don’t mind giving up.

Prepare for All Weather

You might dream of nothing but sunshine and rainbows on your big day, but what happens if the rain starts pouring? Even if you are getting married somewhere usually sunny, it is wise to consider what you will do in case of wet and windy weather. You shouldn’t let a bad forecast ruin the best day of your life!

Transport for Your Main Guests

How will your guests get to the venue? To make sure everyone shows up on the day, prepare transport for all your main guests. If you have the budget, you could go all out and include a limousine, fancy car, or even a helicopter!

Access for All

You should make sure your wedding accommodates those with disabilities such as low mobility. Even if you’re sure all your guests are fine with climbing stairs, you don’t know whether their plus-ones will be, so it’s better to be extra prepared so that no one is left out.

Varying Dietary Requirements

Your dream wedding bouquet might be steak, red wine, and ice cream, but what about the vegetarians and the lactose intolerant? While you can still serve the courses you want, you should also think about what to prepare for those with dietary requirements. Ask all your guests if they cannot eat anything and accommodate them with a separate meal.

Once you have made certain everything is covered, you can relax knowing that the most special day of your life is coming up.