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What is a production house?

Production houses are experts in the job of handling media production and commercial content production for various reasons. Unlike your average commercial company, production houses are supposed to have the expertise in manpower and equipment to produce top-quality content to help your brand deliver the unique messaging it aims to. The content is meant to assist you in your goals towards communication, information or entertainment purposely intended for a large audience for corporate, promotional, or educational reasons. Let’s broadly define what a production house is supposed to do in partnership with local partners…

 What does a production house do?

Production houses are the heads of everything that goes into the successful creation of a content piece you will then use for your commercial purposes. The level of production is highly dependent on how much you are willing to budget and what you aim to achieve. If your plan is high-quality product photography versus dynamic videography, then that changes everything about how production should take place. This level of servicing includes more than you realise and may encompass equipment curation, scheduling, scripting, post-production, and other related activities. The point of you collaborating with a production house is that they can help you navigate very necessary elements from beginning to end.

What are production house services?

Now that we’ve briefly explained what we’re about, we want to get into the specifics of our service offering. Not everything is uniform across this region’s offerings, but we can tell you what’s in your hands if you choose us. These are some of the things you’ll get with Collab Bar but there is so much more in store…

1.    Commercial video production

A commercial video is always the best way to capture your audience with the advertisement or a teaser of your brand, product, or service through television (TVC), social media, or other parts of the internet. Pre-production services such as mood and storyboards, scriptwriting, location scouting, and talent casting are all part of our TV commercial production services. We also oversee the entire production and provide all post-production on the Gold Coast, such as editing, sound, and colour correction

2.    Video editing

Collab Bar also offers top-quality editing experts to help your content look better than you can ever imagine. Our editing facilities only aim to improve the audio and video effects of the content.

3.    Industry-leading post-production

Having your content edited by a professional means you can have peace of mind that you are going to get clean-cut video without the back and forth. Our team has edited 1000’s of hours of content no matter how little or how big the project is. If a content piece has been shot properly on set, then the only thing left to do is make it look great. Post-production is so important to the content because it is what makes everything come together and make that great finished product.


What is the difference between studio and live production?

Many of our clients have some hesitancy about studio photography or production shoots and we can tell you that they come with their own complexities both ways. A studio is a much more controlled environment where we can close and develop the content we need.


How much to rent a production house?

Based on our experience as a local studio facility, everyone is charging per hour for production house hours. That includes the charges for studio hire on top of the services you may need for in-house pros.

Collab Bar Studios was established by a team of content specialists that know exactly how it works in this industry and we prefer to offer discounted day-related tasks. We’ll offer all-inclusive, discounted rates and we will do so with the aim of simplifying your content production goals. You can expect to pay anything from $60 to $90 for an hourly rate, but if you choose packaged options, like a half-day or full-day job, you can get a discounted rate of a few hundred dollars. Maybe you’re looking to book a pro for a full day’s event; the right service provider shouldn’t charge you an arm and a leg. This is perfect for clients with their businesses looking for e-commerce photography to get your products in some stellar shots.