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What about using bongs without water? An insight by Cloudy Choice.

Alright, so the bliss has reached that state where you start thinking beyond the norms. And this time the question has come if you can use bongs without water itself. Genius to think of this alone regardless of what the answer is. We, the lover of peace, receive every question with respect. We asked about it to Cloudy Choices, bongs Australia free shipping, and they smiled about it. Now, it’d be no less some sin to not tell you what we heard from them. Thus, we dedicate this article to all the lovers of Agung bongs (Australia) and curtsy to their curiosity.

When smoke meets water!

We all have heard of what happens when fire meets water, but what about smoke? It is not that smoking has been around in the world since the time of Einstein. Studies show that it was brought to people around the 16th century in China. Also, in a discovery by those people who love digging graves, golden bongs were found to be from 2400 years ago.

It was believed that water will take away heavy particles from the smoke, thus leaving pure and smooth smoke. But not all beliefs come to be true. Does this mean that those guys were mistaken? Certainly not. It is going on and on for thousands of years only because it works. Even now, when it comes to Agung bongs, Australia is loving them. There are substances in smoke that are harsher for the human body. Using water as a filter works great. But does this water also absorbs CBD and THC?

Can we use bong without water?

If your question is simply this, then yes you can. After all, people use pipes too. But what are the impacts?

People, would you smoke a cigarette without a filter? They are there for a reason. Filters at the end of cigarettes cut out the number of harmful agents from reaching the body. It reduces the risk of lung cancer. There are few things that should be taken into consideration regarding bongs too. When you use heat for that content of peace, it activates the substance that people seek – CBD and THC. But it does not only activate these alone.

There are PAHs and other carcinogenic substances. Water takes them off by some fraction. This is why that water turns foul after some time. It takes away the sin before it reaches us.

Benefits of using water in the bong.

We love when someone speaks science. This is why there are studies out there. And one such study has shown that water indeed does take away the harmful agents. Here are the many benefits of using water in bongs:

  • It prevents the ash from entering your lungs.
  • The water cools down the smoke, thus saving your throat and lungs from its whips.
  • It brings down the amount of harmful substances from reaching your lungs.
  • The experience comes smooth to the heart.
  • CBD is hydrophobic and thus does not get reduced due to water. This takes away the doubt if water requires you to use more content to gain the same amount of bliss. No, it does not.

If you really want to use it without water, we suggest you go for peace pipes then. Bong is there for a purpose, and its purpose is to bring water into the equation. It reduces the risk of getting cancer. Cloudy Choice (bongs Australia free shipping) suggests using water. You anyhow will reach heaven, but you would want to make the journey a smooth experience, and water will help you flow down to heaven.