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Tiny Homes VS Usual Homes – Pros and Cons

Tiny Homes

Tiny homes attract people. Living with less stuff surely eases life. Also, it takes less time to clean plus they are affordable too. Easy on money, less stress, less work. Aren’t these things are our main life motives? And tiny homes surely save a lot of our bank.

Perth, Australia has the most attractive tiny homes on Earth. Have you taken a look at them yet? If you haven’t, then go check them right out.


  • Money for paying bills surely gets saved.
  • No one is forcing you to stay if you don’t like it.
  • You are free of unnecessary stress.
  • Nothing much stuff to take care of.
  • You can surely buy other things that you want so badly.
  • You can decorate your tiny house as you like.
  • You can decorate your yard easily for small parties and get together.
  • You do not have a lot of taxes to pay.
  • You don’t have to worryabout managing stuff scattered around your house.
  • Best of all, you can build it by yourself and you are the only owner!


  • But you don’t have a lot of room for extra stuff.
  • There is no space in closets.
  • There is not attic.
  • And where would you park your car? (a big problem for sure)
  • It arises questions of legality in some areas.
  • Accessibility can become an issue.
  • There is no privacy! (well, this is a hard one to swallow)
  • Finding a suitable place can be a headache.
  • Money to buy tools for building the house.
  • Finding a trustable builder.

Usual homes

People always prefer usual homes as the fact delights the heart that it is your own and no can snatch it form you. Do you know that twice the people prefer having usual homes? 2 in 5 Americans i.e. 41% of Americans prefer a usual home for themselves.


  • You have all the space you want.
  • You canstore all your junk from your childhood like toys, clothes and firearms (well, not firearms, were you thinking of doing that?)
  • It is a property so you don’t have to worry about finding a place.
  • Easy access to utilities.
  • You have space to park your car (Yes!)
  • Enough space to comfortably accommodateguests.
  • Since, you are near to a residential area, you can always call out in case of emergency.
  • You can reach anyone easily.
  • You always feel safe.
  • A big garden is the key to happiness.


  • Payments are high plus you to pay mortgages as well.
  • If you have lostyour job, you have lost your home as well!
  • Taxes are high.
  • Money is not easy to save.
  • You have to pay a lot of utility bills.
  • You always have to work (no rest for you here!)
  • Keep repairing from time to time (well, this a regular headache)
  • Your neighbors can be annoying.
  • Difficultto move to a new residential area (can be noisy)
  • Maintenance of landscape.