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The correct way of optimizing apps on an App Store!

Mr. Bilio finally has created a very fine bike for the market. It is nothing like the world has ever seen before or heard of. It has all the features from flight to nitro to vanish-mode. He is all smiles now and is day-dreaming about that billion-dollar beach cottage in the Maldives. But days pass by and nobody comes to Mr. Bilio to ask about his new creation. Brutal! Sad! Disappointing! But these things happen all the time in application stores. Says The Best iOS and Android App Development Company: that people think their work ends at the app development. But it is sheer ignorance of the technology. Says Blurn, Apps to Develop should never be the end. But it should be discovered too.

How to make an app discoverable on the app store? Just plain simple stuff – through optimizing it. We call this optimization ASO, or App Store Optimization. So, how exactly do you do it?

How to perform ASO or App Store Optimization?

Anything that gets created needs to be found by those in need. A word is dead if it is not read and a creation wails if to get discovered it fails. It is this simple. Take websites for example. Your work does not end after the creation of your website. In contrast, it rather begins at the end of creation. The website needs to be discovered and for this it needs link building and optimization.

It is very similar to anything we create in the real world. Take a grand hotel for example. The toughest work is not to create the big dorm, it is to keep it running. An app has the same scenario. Says Blurn, Apps to develop need a lot of nourishment after they are made. Here is what do apps need to get successful –

  • Apps need to be coded well so it is all smooth and flawless out there.
  • The design needs to be thoughtful.
  • Then you need to optimize them for discovery on the app store.
  • The insights should be analyzed and adjustments should be made.
  • The bugs and issues need to be resolved through regular updates.

And know that it is a tough task, just like bringing any hotel to success. But, to make it happen, we first must know how an app store works!

How does an app store work?

The apps are similar to websites in terms of discovery. Just like websites, apps on app stores too suffer from high competition. Near to 99% of apps never receive a single rating. These apps never get discovered. Consider them like orphans that take birth but not the required nourishment. These apps die with time because these apps do not get optimized and marketized.

Android and IOS app stores, both, rank applications based on several factors. Although these factors are not completely known, there is a general idea about how things work. Here are a few known application ranking factors that help apps to get ranked.

  • The average ratings on the app store.
  • Recent ratings on the app store influence ranking fluctuations.
  • Downloads, installs, and then uninstalls. Uninstalls work negatively for an app.
  • Time spent on an app.
  • Link Building of an app with the websites out there.
  • Trends in the market.
  • Keywords used for ASO or Optimization.

These are the few known factors that, if worked upon well, lead to a higher app discovery and download. So, how do you go from, says Blurn, apps to develop to proper optimization?

Ways of optimizing an app on android and IOS app store!

Make sure that you do it properly, otherwise, the rail might derail. The optimization process goes from research to execution to adjustments and updates.

Start it from proper research!

Research could be the first step of almost any process. When it comes to apps, market research should be apt. Just like websites, people search app stores too with keywords. For example, people might search for the keyword ‘Puzzle Game’ on the app store. If you have optimized your app for this keyword, your website will have the chance to rank for it.

The thing to take care of is the amount of competition out there. If you are new on the app store, you will find it hard to rank for keywords with high competition, which are small and middle-sized keywords. Here, you would want to optimize for long-tail keywords. This way, you will get ranked slowly. It is like a new driver cannot pick up a car in the sixth gear.

Do your keywords research right by using the tools available in the market. They might cost you some. Says the Best iOS and Android App Development Company always takes care of this step.

Optimize your app

Now, once the keyword and market research is done, it is time to go for optimization. Says Blurn, apps to develop are apps to optimize. Here, you would want to use those related keywords at proper places. The general idea that any newbie comes with is to use all keywords possible in an attempt to target all the people. But it does not work. It is like saying hello to the crowd in a race to get famous while all you have to do is to say hello to the finish line to get famous.

Use the keywords and parts of keywords in the app title, app description, and meta description. Make sure you are efficient in using words because the space is limited and you want to make a greater impact. However, this is not the end.

Choose the visuals apt of making an impact!

The icon, the cover image, the same images, and the demo video, these all should be well chosen. Visuals impact our brains straightaway and influence our decisions. If you are unsure of which icon to choose, you might want to do A/B testing on the app store itself. It means you will test two samples on the app store, analyze the results, and then choose the right one.

Spread the word

Then it comes to sharing the app. Just like you create a campaign for your website, you need to create a campaign for your app too. Create a website if you can. Share articles regarding it. Create links through guest posts and other posts. Advertise your app to the right audience. We know that these things will require your sweat and peace and money, but it is what is needed. If you find it too harsh and technical for your creative mind, you may outsource this all to any SEO and App Developing Agency. Says Blurn, apps to develop are apps to nourish too, and you need to do it like a parent.

Analyze and Adjust and Update!

The last step is to get rid of any bugs and issues. It leads to low reviews and then a fall in the app rank. You would not want to stop at the above step alone. To keep an app running is an ever-evolving process and you must excel at it.

Look for an app development company if you have a business that you want to set for the long term. The Best iOS and Android App Development Company can help you in this. Check them out or anyone near you. But take help if there is such a need.