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How To Style Varsity Jackets To Wear Every Day?

No matter what the weather condition is, varsity jackets would always find its way in our wardrobe. It is especially crucial for us as men and women to know how to style varsity jackets at school and college. However, the way we are supposed to design the coat has been changing since 1865.

The men’s bomber jacket in Australia or varsity jackets for women is unique enough to make it possible for us to style it in unusual ways. Today, the youth has acquired many techniques to style themselves using varsity jackets. However, there is a difference between the modernized version of varsity jackets and the way it was designed before. This is why many compiled versions of styling techniques are mentioned below for most of us to take benefits.

Styling in summer for both man and woman

Athletes find it compatible enough to wear it in the summer season. The impressive combination of unique colors within the jacket makes it possible for most of us to pair it with summer dressing style. Therefore, men often consider using a tank top underneath the coat.

Most women also prefer to use varsity jackets on the top of the summer uniform at school. They even wear it over a combination of ripped jeans and airy top.

Earthy colors

We can also choose a combination of earthy tones to make the varsity jackets look cool on us. Most of us might even select a combination of few colors such as chocolate, khaki, and burnt orange. We can experiment with different types of earthy tones and comfortable clothing for an everyday event at college. We can even go for a relaxing look in the spring season to feel comfortable and attractive enough amid the sea of modern people.

Winter design

Initially, the jackets were made for the winter season to make most of us feel warm and comfortable. In this season, most of us end up choosing neutral colored clothes over the varsity jacket. We can even go for wool scarves and style it along with the product.

Even though the winter is the coldest, the experts suggest that we shouldn’t compromise just for styling our body with varsity jackets and end up wearing light clothes underneath. Men often choose to wear denim jeans to get an athletic look effectively. We can go for the old fashion style in the winter season.

The experts also state that we should keep the clothes and shoes as simple as possible in the winter season when it comes to wearing varsity jackets. The simple and quality shoes that most of us might prefer to include ankle boots, sneakers, and leather loafers. Lastly, we should make sure that the style which is used for winter can reflect our personality and behavior.

Autumn fashion

Autumn is the season one the weather starts to become indifferent and cold, slowly heading to the winter. This was when we chose to wear little warm clothes underneath the varsity jackets. We can accept the outfit such as lace-up sneakers, khaki pants, and buttoned-up shirt.

Spring design

The clothing style in the spring season can be unpredictable for most of us. It certainly depends on how warm or cold the weather is in school. Typically, the spring season allows us to choose brightly colored modern clothing with a simple design.


It is not hard to find a Varsity Jacket in Australia online for both genders. However, styling is intricate in everyday life. We might find it suitable enough to wear a varsity jacket with thin clothes in the summer season. Still, it is not mandatory that the same theme can be used in different weather conditions.