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Step by Step End of Lease Cleaning Guide to Get Your Bond Back

The rental bond is a crucial investment for the majority of tenants, and getting it in full is essential. The bond is given at the beginning of the lease and includes up to four weeks’ rent.

In order to leave the property in a proper manner tenants must return their property in spotless and perfect condition as it was prior to the beginning of their tenure. Therefore, end of the lease cleaning Melbourne must be performed.

Tenants typically employ professional end of lease cleaning services in Melbourneto ensure that their rental property is thoroughly cleaned to increase the likelihood of getting their bond money back. Many prefer to do DIY bond cleaning as well, if you’re one of them, it’s important to know that it’s different from normal cleaning.

Bond cleaning Melbourne takes patience, energy, and time. You must organize your tasks so that you can do the cleaning without being overwhelmed or exhausted. So, here’s an entire end of lease cleaning checklist to adhere to get your bond back to its fullest. Take a look.

Declutter and Ensure the Property is Empty

Get ready for the end of lease cleaning by organizing your home’s contents, packing items of usage, and then having them removed by professional removalists on time. When you begin cleaning your rental house it is crucial that to ensure that the property is empty.

Professional cleaning services for the end of lease cleaning in Melbourneprefer empty properties at the time of their job. Many cleaners have the policy that state jobs cannot be scheduled unless the property is promised to be empty on the day of cleaning.

Dust and Vacuum All Surfaces/Fixtures

Once the property is empty, dust and vacuum every surface and fixture inside the house to get rid of dust, cobwebs and other pollutants. Be extra careful with commonly used areas like the bathroom, kitchen and living room.

When cleaning the rental property, begin from the top, and work your way downwards. Also, you should clean with a circular motion starting from the left. These techniques are employed by experienced cleaning professionals at the end of lease to keep areas cleaned from recontamination and to complete jobs efficiently and effectively.

Clean the Kitchen

It’s one of the dirtiest areas because it’s an area that is frequently used by people and bacteria that cause illness thrive in this area. In order to clean your kitchen, follow these tips:

With a non-toxic cleaning agent, clean the shelves, cabinets as well as the cupboards and storage units within the home

  • Wipe doors and windows, including frames and tracks
  • Rinse the sink
  • Clean oven, hob microwave, dishwasher and any additional appliance
  • Clean and disinfect the counters slabs, sinks as well as knobs, switches and so on.
  • Clean limescale, mineral stains and mould or other substance from the surfaces or fixings
  • Mop and sweep the floors. If the floors are extremely stained, clean them prior to mopping.

Clean the Bathroom

The next area to be extra attentive for is your bathroom, and these are the essential tasks you must complete for the end of lease cleaning.

Use the cleaner on the bathtub, toilet and sinks

In the meantime, wash the drawers, cabinets, shelves, and any other components

Clean or wipe mirrors, tiles, walls Shower glass, as well as other surfaces

Clean the bathtub, toilet and sink. Check for mould, limescale and mineral stains as well as other marks is completely removed.

Clean, sweep and sweep the floors.

Clean Other Rooms

Once the kitchen and bathroom are cleaned, it is time to begin cleaning the rest of the home. These are the areas to be focused on.

  • Eliminate any trash in the rooms
  • Clean and scrub countertops, slabs, fixtures and other surfaces
  • Clean up the walls and baseboards.
  • Clean and disinfect high-touch objects like handles, knobs switches, faucets, staircase railings, etc.
  • Clean grouts and tiles
  • Sweep and mop the Floors
  • Clean Carpets

If the property you are renting has carpets, then you must vacuum, shampoo and steam-clean them based on the method used to clean them before you started your tenancy.

However, if the carpets were cleaned by professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne before your tenancy, then you need to hire expert cleaners as well.

Pay Attention to Outdoor Areas

End of lease cleaning does not only just mean cleaning the inside of the home however; it includes the outdoor spaces as well. So, be sure to complete the following tasks well.

  • Mow the lawn
  • Make sure to wash the stairs at the entry and walkway
  • Vacuum all the windows, doors, and other fixtures
  • Clean and mop garage flooring

Wrapping Up

Cleaning at the end of the lease is an essential task that every tenant should complete to ensure a smooth transition and obtaining the bond back in full. Hire professionals to clean your property at the end of lease in Melbourne or follow the above checklist to make sure your property will be returned in the same perfect and clean condition that it was at the beginning of your tenure.