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Spend All Your Money Buying a House? Afterpay Can Help You Set Up Your Home Easily

Moving into a new house, be it from an old family home to a new one or the result of your own hard work, is exhausting, and well, expensive. After moving in, buying all the furniture will definitely take a toll on your wallet, so instead, it’d be a much smarter move to invest the right way. Whether you’re buying a bed or a dining table, Afterpay will help you go slightly easy on your wallet as you set up your dream home.

With no effect on your credit score as long as you’re using it the right way, Afterpay is a convenient form of performing any and every payment as long as it’s an option at checkout. Depending on the card you choose to use, you’ll be given a different limit. For example, while $500 is the limit set on debit card payments, $1,500 is the limit for credit cardholders. Besides this, you can opt for a maximum of 3 Afterpay payments at a time. This can help you work out the more heavy payments through installments while setting up the rest of your home with ease.

Almost all stores offer Afterpay as a viable option for payment in Australia, with several online stores offering it as their main form of payment. is one such store that works with the slogan ‘shop now, pay later,’ and offers a wide range of products, inclusive of furniture, office equipment or even pet supplies. The main requirements for being able to use Afterpay are quite basic. You need to be 18 years of age, and you need to be living in Australia. That’s it!

Whether you choose to use Afterpay in a real store or an online store, the first thing you need to do is check whether the option of payment through Afterpay is available in the first place. After you know it is, all you need to do is opt for it, and checkout as you would normally. Your product will either be shipped or given to you and you can make your way home. It’s quite unbelievable how easy life can get with the presence of the option of payments through installments.

As you set up your home, the natural move would be to first set up the main bedroom, the kitchen, and one of the washrooms. While working out these details, you can easily set up your rooms one by one with the help of package deals that can help you buy more, but at a cheaper rate. For example, the most expensive setups will be of the bedroom, since you’ll need to buy a bed, a mattress, side tables, and a dresser. The bathroom doesn’t need as many items and neither does the kitchen, they mainly only need storage cabinets. In order to set up your home as quickly as possible, it makes more sense to set up an Afterpay payment for your bedroom items, while the rest can be bought manually.

After setting up all the important rooms in your home, you can finally let go and experiment a little. The beauty of a new home is the fact that you can play around with the extra rooms as much as possible. You want to set up a gym? Go for it. Feel like keeping one room solely for your art or your music? You can! Simply Afterpay the gym equipment or the art supplies, and you will be greeted with a safe haven, not just a room.