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Simple Ways to Improve Your Cosplay

Cosplay is the perfect way to be someone else for a while. Whether you enjoy anime, comic books, or video games, you can dress up as your favourite characters and meet up with like-minded individuals at cosplay conventions.

If you’ve been to a convention before, you’ll know that while most cosplay outfits look cool, others look so well-done it appears as if they’ve gone to a professional. You might think doing it yourself is out of your reach, but it’s not – here are some simple ways to improve your cosplay.

Make a Collage

Your first step is to create a collage that shows you exactly what you’re going for in your cosplay. You need to find multiple reference images from different angles, stick them on a board, and then place it above your workstation. If your cosplay outfit is a TV show character, for example, you should take images from multiple scenes.

Find the Right Makeup Supplies

The difference between low-quality and high-quality makeup is staggering, so do your research before buying, especially if you are going for intense special effects. If you want to look like a vampire, monster, or witch, for example, look for reliable and high-quality special effects makeup to build the perfect look. It’s also a good idea to practice a lot before the day to perfect your application skills. 

Style Your Wig

Rather than purchasing any old wig and throwing it on the day of the convention, look out for a high-quality wig and take the time to style it properly (your reference collage will help here). Don’t just use what you use on your normal hair – buy a special wig brush and products intended for wig use to ensure you don’t damage it.

Be careful if part of the styling process involves trimming – wigs don’t grow back! If you want to practice styling without worrying too much about wrecking the wig, consider buying a cheap one to practice on first.

Know Your Fabrics

The correct fabrics for the job will depend on the aesthetic you are going for, so research the different materials and decide which one is the best for your outfit. If you’re going for a Disney princess look, for example, then you should strive for high-quality, elegant materials like silk, velvet, and satin. You don’t want your outfit to look cheap, after all!

Iron the Clothing

Ironing is a simple way of improving the overall look of the outfit in a short amount of time. On the day of your cosplay event, get to work on ironing out all the creases and admire how much more professional it looks.

Practice Posing

A bad pose can ruin the overall look of a cosplay outfit, so practice posing before you stand in front of the real cameras. The pose you strike will depend on your outfit of choice, but it’s usually best for all to work on keeping a straight posture.

Enjoy yourself!

The best cosplay comes from a place of passion, so enjoy yourself! Once you have completed your cosplay outfit, show it off with pride and enjoy everyone else’s efforts. After all, that’s what it’s all about.