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Reasons to Try Pads rather than Adult Diapers

Adult diapers and absorbent underwear can help people genuinely in managing bladder or bowel leaks. However, you could easily buy adult nappies , Australia along with other products such as pads and guards. However, check out the link provided below to shop for pads and guards.

Incontinence pads are usually overlooked by men with a belief that they are just like feminine hygiene products. Most people think that they are not as absorbent as incontinence briefs and underwear. Both assumptions might be not correct and pads could prove to be superior in many cases. They offer a wide range of absorbency and size that includes light, heavy and overnight ones. Hence, no matter what your needs are, different products could help you tackle incontinence. 

Take a look at some of the reasons to try out pads rather than adult diapers. 

  • Better fit

One of the major factors that cause leaks when it comes to adult diapers and underwear is not absorbency but its fit. Different people have different body types and some products are designed to fit each type of body securely and snugly. A product that would fit a rounder hip might not go well with a flat figure. ASP ads are designed to cover only the area where you would need protection from leaks, the fit at the hips, waist and inner thighs is not an issue.

  • More Discrete

Incontinence underwear focuses mainly on discretion as no one would be interested to let the others know that they are using absorbent underwear or an adult brief. Pads are worn with the regular underwear underneath the clothes as it ensures proper fit and slimmer profile without crinkling, creasing or bulk that might not show through clothing and make it a more discreet option. 

  • Easy to change

Changing pull-up or adult diapers could be a task especi6if the mobility is impaired or you are reliant on a caregiver for help. You will have to remove the pants and then the soiled item to replace it with fresh product and re-use the pants as it won’t be soiled. 

Pads would just require you to pull the pants and underwear and just replace the soiled one with fresh product. You could do it in a toilet. You will not have to worry about slipping and falling accidents in this case nor do you have to sit anywhere else during the process. You could even change it in the bathroom of a restaurant or a supermarket. 

  • More affordable

When compared to absorbent underwear and adult diapers, incontinence pads could be less expensive and provide similar levels of protection and absorbency. This is because they are less complex to manufacture and would require fewer materials like elastic threads or sticky tabs. If you get a fixed income or wish to reduce the amount you spend on incontinence products every month, pads could be an affordable option.

  • Good for your skin

Many people have raised complaints that absorbent underwear and adult diapers cause skin irritations, especially around the waist and during the summer season due to humidity. This is because different products might not have the ability to breathe and trap moisture against the skin effectively. 

Parts that fit within the regular underwear are less likely to cause skin irritation as there is less surface contact. You have to change the soiled pad as soon as possible to maintain the health of your skin. Make sure that you wear breathable cotton or cotton blend underwear.