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Puppies for sale victoria

The best guide for buying puppies !!

There are a number of dogs that you can own at your home. That will mostly depend on the what you want out of them. Do you want your dog to become your best playful and lovable companion who can also be your baby’s best friend or who you want a dog breed with protection and working attributes?

This will also depend on the budget that you can afford especially when you are tendering or caring to them since the puppy stage.

Here we bring to you the best 5 puppies for sale victoria for all types of people.

Puppies for sale victoria

1. German shepherd puppies for sale victoria

The dog breed is highly common among the military and police troops being used as a search dog. They are highly energetic and athletic.

The dog species in general is very loyal and can be easily domesticated as a family dog. As the far as the German shepherd puppies are considered they are very cute and of playful nature.

Caring for your German shepherd puppies

Just like caring for any other dog breed you have to care for the diet of your German shepherd puppies and their health.

For the health parameters of your German shepherd puppies you have to ensure to give timely vaccinations.

For better caring of your German shepherd puppies you can also do their health insurance.

You will notice that your German shepherd puppies will lose their fur 2 times during the entire year. But that is completely normal with this type of dog breed.

The puppies are in general of highly curious and playful nature. This will also help them to grow strong and healthy while also ensuring their daily exercise.

She is very protective nature and if you have babies at home you can introduce them to your babies at the early stage of their lives to develop a bond.

Knowing about the disease for German shepherd puppies

Your German shepherd puppies at home is also prone to a variety of diseases especially during the flu seasons and during their childhood.

Some of the most common diseases are dental problems, skin infections, obesity during the maturity stage, digestive disorders, bone joint problems and allergies.

2.   Border collie puppies for sale victoria

If you are looking for a highly smart and active dog who can be playful and also your companion for work look no farther than the Border collie puppies. These dog breed is highly intelligent and active. Especially when you talk about the Border collie puppies they are highly active and athletic.

The intelligence is going to catch you and you will be nothing short of highly impressed.

Caring for the Border collie puppies

You have to notice the fact that the puppies of this breed need a lot of playing and exercise. They tend to be highly active and eager to spend some time with their owners.

Separating them completely from your family might turn for the worse and the border collie puppies might develop a disease that is not generally seen in the other dog species and that is separation phobia.

It is best that you give them some space especially a separate room or a enclosed garden as they tend to run around and play a bit especially during their childhood.

Look for their diet especially during the puppy stage. They need a good mix of proteins and vitamins to grow internal muscles while also avoiding diseases.

As during the puppy stage they will remain highly active and agile you will have to ensure that some space is given to them for running around.

Are the Border Collie puppies safe with the babies?

Well, the answer to this question might not be that encouraging as they can be a bit snappy with the children. However, if you introduce them early in their lives they can become good companions.

For small babies and infants though it is better to keep a close eye when you baby is around near the Border coolie puppies.

Some health disorders that your Border collie puppies are prone to

Your border coolie puppies are prone to some diseases especially during their childhood that includes fur infections, dental infections, hip dysplasia, thyroid problems, separation anxiety, overheating disorder known as malignant hyperthermia.

3.   Cavoodle puppies for sale victoria

Cavoodle puppies are some of the cutest puppies. It is a cute dog with smallr size and stature and is generally for those who want a small sized pet dog but not for protection or work companion.

With this being said let’ jump right into what you need to know before buying the Cavoodle puppies

Buying Cavoodle puppies

You need to ensure that you approach a reputable dog breeder for buying your Cavoodle puppies. It is fun to grow them especially from their infant stage as these puppies are very cute during their childhood years.

Ensuring the right breeder is important to get the most authentic and healthy breed that can stay your companion for a long time.

What’s the right food for your Cavoodle puppies?

The Cavoodle puppies need right diet during their childhood. During their infant stage they will need their mother’s breast milk for up to 3 months. During their early years you have to give special focus on their diet as the Cavoodle puppy diet is significantly different from a Cavoodle adult diet.

Their food needs a lot of proteins to help their muscles grow and some good fiber that helps in digestion. Lookout for the most types of food items to which your Cavoodle puppies are allergic. 

Grooming your cavoodle puppies

For bathing you can do that 2-3 times a week. Ensure that you apply dog fur cream and dog serum to take special care of their fur during the hair growth stage.

Apart from this for dental care you also need to brush their teeth 2-3 times a week.

Trimming your Cavoodle puppy’s nails from time to time is also important as their nails grow faster. 

4.   Groodle puppies for sale victoria

Groodle puppies are some of the most lovable and cute puppies with a playful nature. Just like the Cavoodle puppies the Groodle puppies should also be owned by the owner for affection and playful companion rather than for protection and work.

The Groodle puppies can be easily introduced to your home, your family members and babies when they are just 2 months old.

Caring for your Groodle puppies

When you are buying the puppies you must ensure that they are properly vaccinated. Remember that the Groodle puppies need the C3 and the C2i vaccinations when they are 6 to 7 weeks old.

Buying from the most reputable dog breeding agency is the best option as this will ensure that your Groodle puppies are brought up with proper care.

You should not leave out the Groodle puppies in the open at least till they 12 weeks old.

The Groodle puppies are of a bit shy nature during their early childhood years and thus you need to earn their trust to become good friends with them.

Avoid letting your Groodle puppies come in direct contact with the various household chemicals such as soaps and detergents.

Food for your Groodle puppies

The Groodle puppies will mostly depend on their mother’s breatmilm during the first 2 months post birth. From them on you have to give special note on their diet.

After this you can start giving small amounts of dog  food only after consulting with a vet. You can also introduce them to small amounts of minced beef or chicken.

Your Groodle puppies will still need some milk until they are about 16 to 20 weeks old. For a complete balanced diet ensure clean water with some egg yolk and yoghurt.

Try to avoid the packed dog foods as much as possible and start introducing them to natural foods at your home.

5.   Golden retriever puppies for sale victoria

The golden retriever as a dog breed is yet another highly common dog species that you can befriend. The Golden retriever puppies can grow up with you or your child to become the best companions.

The dogs are best known for their golden to golden brown fur that needs some care as will be mentioned here.

Buying the Golden Retriever puppies

It is best that you buy your Golden Retriver puppies from a reputable dog breeder.

Caring for your Golden retriever puppies

Caring for the diet and their health which includes general grooming are two of the most important parameters.

You need to brush their teeth at least twice a week  and make sure to bath them 3-4 times a week.

Using dog shampoo only along with dog hair growth serum should only be used after getting checked by a vet.

Food for the Golden retriever puppies

The food that you give to them is a major part of their diet and maintenance of their health. make sure to consult with a vet and give proper healthy diet that has all the vital nutrients to support your dog’s nutritional needs.

Your Golden retriever puppies will mostly need mother’s milk until they are about 6-7 weeks old after which you can start introduced solid chewable food along with milk.

Diseases that your Golden retriever puppies may be prone to

Some of the commonly occurring diseases are fur infections and allergies, obesity during the adulthood stage, bloat formation, vision problems, epilepsy, heart diseases.