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Law firms are slowly but surely moving on to No-code app automation

It is no surprise that the benefits of no-code are being hailed as the next big thing with each passing day because it has established itself as the winner in the IT sector. Now you don’t have to spend hours chasing a good developer to write lines of codes for app development. Today, you can develop even enterprise-grade apps in no time! No wonder it’s catching the attention of citizen developers and IT teams alike.

First let’s figure out what exactly is a no-code application development. It is basically the simple use of mechanics such as choosing from ready-to-use options and drag & drop. In a no-code environment, everything is visually driven, letting you to build applications whether it is for mobile apps, websites or enterprise applications, without having the need to write a single line of code.

Owing to the great agility and speed it provides to businesses, the demand for no-code has skyrocketed especially in the pandemic scenario. The reason for such a surge being the need for businesses to pivot seamlessly. It has really been a boon in disguise as it overcame the shortcomings of traditional development. Precisely why, almost everyone from small to large enterprises are embracing no-code tools.

Checkbox is a firm that has been making quite some waves in and around Australia. Catering to a wide variety of industries like In-house Legal Houses, Law Firms, People & HR Companies, Finance & Tax Firms, Risk and Compliance Sector, Information Security Companies and the Procurement Sector. Checkbox is the only platform that provides a full suite of enterprise-grade app development features on a single seamless interface.

Let’s talk about the Law Firm document Automation and how a no-code environment can be useful in its functioning. Clearly, the no-code movement is a trend with momentum – and it offers a lot of potential benefits to the legal sector. After all, lawyers are subject matter experts, and definitely not computer programmers. Why should they need a degree in coding to be able to support a business process within a corporate legal department or a law firm. Just the idea of being able to drag-and-drop “components” that will help automate or streamline a process – all without having to write a single line of code – is highly appealing. Take for example, a lawyer needs to review a large set of contracts to find ones that contain certain clauses. In such a scenario the lawyer doesn’t need to be well-versed with writing codes to make it happen. Instead, they just interact with the user interface of the tool, plugging criteria into certain fields, creating a drag and drop training set, deciding the logical workflow, and then clicking a button.

Checkbox is the best no-code app builder which significantly helps in automating legal processes. It allows lawyers to build their own decision making software, thus enabling them to automate the delivery of their legal expertise to clients. The clients in return can access these tools at their own convenience without having the need to meet the lawyer.

Checkbox can help the lawyers in the following case scenarios:

·       Generating Contracts for the Practice Group – A splendid way to improve the competitiveness of the firm by automating standard, low-risk agreements

·       Expense Request Workflow – It automates the expense process effortlessly thus freeing the lawyers from non-billable admin work and finance teams from chaotic workflows

·       Lead Generating Tools – Creating tools that offer free legal advice to build brand, capture potential clients’ interest and details or for that matter triage potential clients to directly interact with a lawyer

·       Revenue Generating Tools – Market/Position the legal services as a product whereby low priced, highly repetitive legal advice can be distributed at scale. Additional streams of revenue can also be created thus freeing up lawyers to focus on high earning projects

Checkbox also offers templates which can be easily accessed by law firms:

·       Unfair Dismissal Claims – Apply for unfair dismissal claims via an automated and intuitive questionnaire to qualify eligibility for a claim

·       Wills Generator – Generate Wills from an intuitive digital questionnaire that take into account a range of factors including property, children and step children

·       COVID-19 relief on Commercial Leases – Assess the potential eligibility for available government rent relief against commercial leases

Uncertain times have definitely got the ball rolling but no-code isn’t just another trend. It is here to stay. Now that organizations from different sectors are realizing its power and ease of use, there is no denying that more no-code tools will be developed and this type of app development will become the new normal.