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How to Take Care of Yourself to Have a Flawless Look?

Beauty comes from within. That is something we all learn the hard way. During puberty, a lot of people have a serious problem with acne-prone skin. The face is covered with those appalling pimples that kill every bit of self-confidence. However, people survive. But how, you might ask? By educating themselves and making some healthy changes in their lives. And, most importantly, by turning to nature. Sit tight, grab a pen, take some notes and learn how you can improve your skin.

First of all, you can’t force beauty! Our bodies have their way of coping mechanisms that are automatically started when natural processes start occurring. We just need to go with the flow and help the process. We can’t go against it – we can’t stop puberty. We can only pay attention to how healthy our skin routines are and do something about it. Let’s see how.

1. How to Take Care of Your Face Skin

When you are starting to become self-conscious in your teenage years, that is when puberty hits hard. And it can be a disaster. Your pimple-covered face is making it hard to smile with confidence, enjoy your socialising and let alone have your first boyfriend/girlfriend. And you start using makeup. Heavy, artificial, buildable with full coverage that abounds with chemicals and silicones in their formula to be long-lasting.

That is your first mistake right there. In this period, your face skin doesn’t need chemicals that will clog the pores and create an even greater problem – no, it needs to be treated with natural ingredients that carry the power of medicine in it. If your skin condition is too serious, your dermatologist will put you on a certain line of products that will help you prevent the expanding of the problem. And if you are using such products, hydrating and moisturising is your priority.

If you are a teenager with this problem make sure that you realise how important it is to maintain the skin hydrated. Your skin will become dry, even flaky and you need to retain its freshness. The best way is to use 100% natural and organic products that are guaranteed certified. Argan oil is a miracle, for example. Applying it before going to bed makes the skin alive in the morning. Plus, it’s the least comedogenic essential oil of all, hence the name liquid gold for the skin.

Flash forward to some time in the 20s. The skin is starting to mature and the scars are not going away. The self-confidence is still shaky but it is better with makeup up. Again, a mistake. Use makeup only for special occasions. Don’t use too thick foundations and leave it throughout the whole day. The pores will be blocked, the skin can’t breathe and it is enough only once to touch your face with dirty hands and spread bacteria.

Instead, use BB or CC creams that have a light coverage just to make sure your complexion and texture of the skin is evened out. Once you get home after work, do your cleansing ritual. Clean the skin thoroughly and apply moisturiser. Again, my recommendation is to keep close to nature and use only 100% natural products because nature is the strongest medicine.

Never, seriously, never go to bed with makeup. Not only will you ruin your pillow sheets and bedding, but the consequences for your skin will also be disastrous.

To sum up, your face skin is delicate, even if you are one of those few lucky people who have a problem-free skin during their whole life. Avoid the heavily advertised makeup products that “do wonders” and “the biggest celebrities are using” because that is all for profit, Plus, the celebrities have a glam team, a team of dermatologists and access to the most expensive skin treatments that ordinary people can only dream about. So, no, they are not your role-model for cosmetics.

2. How to Take Care of Your Lips

Another part of the face that needs your complete attention is your lips. Some are born with thin lines that are barely evident, some have full, plump lips that steal the attention and the majority is right in the middle – with ordinary lips that crave for attention.

The wish to have bigger lips is more and more present even with the youngest population that does make up – the teenagers. Because of that wish, the majority of them decide to get lip fillers without even considering other options which are au naturel and pain-free. Lip augmentation even though is advertised as a naive and risk-free procedure done in a couple of minutes, it has serious side effects.

Of course, the need for plastic surgery in cases when corrective procedures are a must following an accident or some serious medical condition is completely justified. In fact, that is why the corrective surgery was invented in the first place. The problem arises when it is forced on a population that doesn’t know any better and all that for profit.

Instead of taking short cuts to beauty, you should understand how important is the whole journey. How important your full investment in it is and how crucial it is to find solutions that won’t harm your well-being but, instead, make you feel complete, satisfied and in love with yourself.

Therefore, if you want plumped lips, exfoliate them often, follow some DIY lip plumper recipes and even though their effect will last only for the night, do them regardless. The most important thing is that there are no side effects. Or, get yourself lip plumper that plumps the lips naturally. Research has shown that 78% of women who have tried plumping the lips with lip plumper love the instant effect. You can try out several options and see what works for you. But remember, always use a balm to hydrate the lips.

3. How to Take Care of Your Body

Eat healthy, exercise, sleep… then repeat. That is the recommended formula for bomb body. It is crucial to achieving balance. Avoid fatty foods, sugary snacks and drinks and instead consume more fibre-rich fruits and vegetables, proteins and dairy products. Make time to exercise every day, even if you have only 15 minutes to dedicate to fast walking or running on the treadmill. Exercise fuels your body with strength and energy. It makes you feel alive, woken up and ready to tackle any physical activity.

No excuse is justifiable when it comes to keeping your body fit. Those 15 minutes a day can make a change in your life and benefit you in ways you never thought it was possible. Plus, when you get used to exercising it will be hard to neglect it even for a day.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, you can look flawless if you feel flawless first. Yes, this path is challenging and with many obstacles but the end of it is wonderful. Learning how to take care of your health and wellbeing will show you how to feel beautiful.