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How to Choose Best Car Audio Subwoofers

Subwoofers are an integral part of one’s car audio system. Regardless what type of music you listen to or how loudly you play it, car audio subwoofers are one component that needs to be in your car. Many people falsely assume that subwoofers are only important for those listening to hip hop and rap music, but they couldn’t be farther from the truth. Subwoofers are speakers that reproduce low frequencies and they will give your music more depth and realism.

Although car audio subwoofers are meant for all styles and genres of music, the type of music you primarily listen to will have an effect on the specific subwoofer you purchase, along with your budget and the amount of space in your car. First you need to think about your needs. Are you building a completely customized car audio system or do you want a simple space-saving sub? If you’re looking for pure customization, consider component subs. This is just the speaker itself, so you will still need to purchase the enclosure, or box, for it. This is recommended for those that know a lot about audio systems and feel comfortable customizing it.

Enclosed subs are perfect for those that want something simple. The sub already comes in a box enclosure, but this will limit your options in terms of the number of speakers and box-type choices. You will also need an external amp to power it. If space is large concern for you, then a powered sub is your best option. This will combine the sub and the amplifier in one enclosure. You will only have to install one piece of equipment and they tend to be very compact. This is a good add-on to a factory stereo system. However, their small stature means you are sacrificing on the quality. It will not be able to handle as much bass as larger subs. The interior style conscious will want to consider powered or unpowered vehicle-specific subwoofers. Like the name suggests, they are made specifically for your car. They are made to fit in out-of-the-way locations and can match the interior of the car.

After deciding what type of car audio subwoofer you want, you’ll need to consider the tech specs. Power will determine just how big your bass boom is. Pay attention to the RMS ratings which measure the continuous power handling. The sub’s power handling must match your amplifier’s power output. Sensitivity goes right along with power. The higher the sensitivity, the less power you will need to reproduce the sound. Frequency range tells you how low and high a sub can go. However, the enclosure can affect this range, so never buy a sub based solely on frequency range. In terms of enclosures, a sealed box will give you the deepest and most accurate sound.

The final consideration is the size of the sub. Everyone wants to know what size will play the loudest and lowest. While it’s true that large subwoofers will help you attain this goal, you still need to factor in sensitivity, frequency range, power, and the enclosure. If space isn’t a concern, then go for the biggest one, but small car audio subwoofers can produce excellent sound too.