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How Stubby Coolers could be a Beneficial Gift

Almost everyone likes to have chilled cold drinks on a summer day. If it is on a beach or in the desert, a chilled drink could make anyone feel energetic and make the trip more enjoyable. One of the challenges faced would be to keep the drink chilled, even when someone is travelling. Luckily, stubby coolers could be the best solution for this issue.

Stubby holders are made of high-quality rubber called neoprene. The material is durable and has great insulating properties. Anyone could place the bottle into a stubby cooler and could enjoy the cold beverage for a longer time.

If you are looking to best Stubby Coolers in Australia in bulk, you could reach out to simply merchandise and get the logo, brand name and details etched onto the customised stubby coolers which could be a great gift to your customers or clients. Read on to find out the benefits of owning a stubby cooler.

● Stretchable & Flexible

They are made of flexible neoprene rubber. It allows any form of can or bottle to slip in easily.

● Acts as Non-electrical Fridge

Neoprene rubber helps in maintaining the temperature from the inside as it has good insulation properties.

● Stylish & Fashionable

Some people prefer to personalise their stubby holders so that it looks stylish which would make an impression on the person who uses the same.

It is a tough task to tackle the heat during summer without having something chilled. Have you ever had the chance to drink an entire drink when it is chilled when you are right under the sun? Most of them might have not had the chance. If at all, they have had it, they might have used something like a stubby cooler. While insulated flasks could keep coffee warm for a longer time, stubby coolers could help in withstanding the chillness of the drink if the bottle or can is placed within a stubby cooler. You could place water, beverage or even juices for that matter. Think of going to a gym, placing a chilled drink under direct sunlight. Think of the same situation with the stubby cooler in the picture. You could either opt to buy a stubby cooler or could get it as a promotional product by some brand you might be associated with.

Stubby holders are gaining more popularity and are becoming a great product for marketing strategy. Think of a brand and you could remember the promotional products you might have received from the brand before. This is the power of handing out promotional products to customers. A picture, flashcard, a pen or a stubby holder promotes brands making it reach each nook and corner. Not only the brand’s name, but their logo also remains in the minds of various people once they get a freebie like a stubby holder. It could be a valuable giveaway and would benefit the brand someday.

Stubby holders, also known as koozies, are useful everyday products. There are various reasons for one to buy stubby holders. One might easily find perfect koozies online which could save you a lot of time. One would think of buying stubby coolers as there is:

·         Wide Collection & Good Choices

Anyone who genuinely wants to shop for stubby coolers would look out for them online and would finally make the right choice. While stores have conventional collections and limited supplies, picking a stubby holder would be a good option. However, why should one settle for less when there is a huge collection of pretty and cool koozies online. No doubt that one might end up buying what they need online but when stubby coolers could be easily customised, who wouldn’t plan to opt for one?

·         Discounts on Gross Orders

It might not be surprising but most online stores have various offers and put their products often on sale. The same is the case with stubby holders as well. If you give a bulk order, you could gain a huge discount. Customise and add your photo, logo, name and more details to stubby coolers and distribute it to the customers or employees. Hence, if you buy them online and customise them, it could save money.

·         Could be a Happy

Collecting cool stuff is a hobby for many. From antique coins to anything unique, you could collect koozies which would be a great idea. You could buy them online anytime you find one with a new design or looks fashionable. Shopping for stubby holders online would help in saving time and money and keeping the new hobby alive.

·         Gifting Something Beneficial

When you are planning to celebrate a friend’s birthday, it could be exciting. However, most people would be wondering what to gift them this time. You could gift something useful when it comes to their daily routine. A customised stubby holder with a name and photo or even a message on it would be a worthy birthday gift. From being an awesome insulator that serves various purposes, koozies could be a marvellous product. You could ignore how a chilled drink would lose its cool under the sun. stubby holders won’t let your drink get spoiled and could effectively resist the UV rays. They are flexible and easy to carry. The best of them all is that they are inexpensive. 

Targeted to the right demographic, there is no better way to spread the word about the company rather than having an ice-cold beer with the custom printed beer holders along with a valuable customer.

Science of Stubby Coolers

They are made of artificial rubber that could help in trapping the internal temperature while protecting it from the external temperature. Wetsuits are made of similar rubber as it is light and resistant to chemicals, stretchable, waterproof and is an ideal match to keep the bottles or cans right in place without losing the chillness.

Stubby holders differ based on how you want them to work for your drinks. You could choose from stubby coolers with a base as they could be easier to use. You can just place the bottle or glass on top. The flat pack is collapsible and could easily fit in even in your pockets so that you could carry it elsewhere and still would have something to carry your drink in case you choose to have one. This kind of stubby holder makes use of a one-click system by which it could be stretched and a little curved metal-wrapped inside the neoprene rubber allows the cooler to wrap itself around the bottle.

There was only one style of the stubby cooler as it previously had served only one purpose. Today, they can not only keep your bottles cold to drink but could also customise them based on their personality. Few people go creative and might add photos of businesses or designs on them. Most businesses add their logo, brand name and further details so that the person who uses the stubby cooler remembers the brand when they see it.  Even people who visit the person gets exposed to the brand as the stubby cooler might be kept in the office or working space. If you want your Promotional Pens, Simply Merchandise, you could have one the way you need it to look. Customizing them is easier than ever.