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How Custom Printed Drink Bottles are a Great Promotional Tool?

The best thing you could do for your business other than building a great product and providing good service would be to invest in promotion and publicity for the brand. Modern marketing channels and techniques have progressed over the years. Promotional items are one such thing that most businesses boast about. 

If you are looking for products such as promotional lanyards or Promotional drink bottles ,Australia, you could reach out to Simply Merchandise. You could buy promotional items in bulk, customize it accordingly and distribute it among the people whom the company values a lot. 

Promotional drink bottles are a popular gift that is useful for almost everyone. If you are not leveraging effective promotional methods, have a look at some of the reasons to start doing so.

  • Affordable option

Water bottles could be cheap and there are a wide range of bottles from cheap to stainless steel ones. From all walks of life make use of water bottles. You could select any bottle as per your budget and have a custom print with a brand name, logo and a marketing message. It is a cheaper form of advertising when compared to TV, radio and print ads. You could take advantage of water bottles to spread your message to as many people as possible.

  •  Mobile advertising

People carry water bottles everyday wherever they go whether it is to the office, school, gym, jogging or anywhere else. This means that the brand is exposed to many people every day. They are reusable in nature by investing less money. 

  • Environmental friendly

Single use packaged water bottles might be harmful for the environment. Custom printed water bottles are made of recyclable and reusable materials and thus are eco-friendly. By promoting the bottles, you would reduce the use of single use plastic bottles. This could provide a message to the society that you care for the environment and the community you live in. 

  • Multiple varieties and designs

Water bottles available in various shapes, colours, designs and sizes ranging from aluminium, plastic and glass. Therefore, you could choose the one that best compliments your brand.

  •  Long lasting

As opposed to single use plastic bottles that are used and thrown, custom water bottles would last for a long time. They could be refilled and reused and remain with customers for a very long time.Promotional lanyards, Simply Merchandise People make use of the product for a long time without actually realising that the brand is exposed to others.

  •  Multi-purpose

The water bottles are a perfect give-away at fundraisers, conferences, races and so on. They are useful, simple and practical which people would use in their everyday life. The bottles could be carried to school, office or gym while traveling. You could even keep it inside your fridge to keep the water chilled. 

The promotional bottles help you deliver your message to the right audience and create a marketing statement. You could choose the placement of brand, logo colours, fonts and messages so that it impacts the people well.