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What do you need to consider while buying hand trolleys?

To buy a hand trolley is very common if you have any type of manufacturing industry or any storage godown such as a warehouse or a cold storage unit.

For buying hand trolleys and hand trucks you need to consider a few things.  And here we will specify to you exactly what those factors that you need to consider are.

So let’s begin-

Choose the type of trolley

You must have some doubts when you have in mind the type of trolley being mentioned as the first point. Well, two basic types of trolleys are most commonly available. And they are push trolleys or the pull trolleys.

With a push hand trolley, you push it from behind. With the pull trolleys, you pull it from the front. But is there any difference between the two?

Of course, there is if you are considering the safety features. It might come as a bit more surprise to you but one type of hand truck is safer than the other one.

The push trolleys are considered to be much safer. You might ask why?

This is because the pull trolleys have certain disadvantages that you might not normally see at first. But with the pull trolleys that have to be pulled from the front, there is always a risk factor of the pull trolley being pull over the person’s foot thereby severely injuring the person pulling the trolley.

And there is even a more dangerous risk that is concerned. Along with the slopy areas one has to be careful of the slope or else the overweight trolley behind the person might run over the person. So it is to be noted that you must always be willing to go with the push trolleys especially if the trolleys run on a sloppy surface for most of the time.

Going with a foldable trolley or a non-foldable trolley

There is yet another thing that has to be looked at while buying a Hand Trucks Trolleys. And that is whether you want the load platform to be folded when not in use.

With the foldable trolleys, you can save space which is always a premium priority within the factory or any industrial premises. The foldable trolleys can be folded when not in use and they need much less storage space too.

But sometimes the foldable platform of the foldable trolleys is made of industrial-grade plastic rather than being made of metal. Thus they don’t have that much of load-bearing capacity when it comes to a hand truck. With the non-foldable ones, you will see that most of the load platforms are made of heavy grade industrial steel that allows them to carry larger and bulkier load items. This is one factor that you have to choose based on what load materials will be carried on top of the load platforms.

Should you buy a push trolley with a load strap?

You also have to consider the fact that whether you need to go with a hand trolley that has a load strap on it especially if the load material being carried is brittle or might crack or break after falling.

With a load strap trolley, you can easily secure the load in a  better way especially if your trolleys run mostly on a sloping surface. Thus you have to ensure that if you are transporting any large bulky item or any tender brittle item buying the load trolleys with a load strap attached to them is considered to be much safer. 

Ability to work in different weather conditions

If any hand truck will run mostly on outside weather conditions they have to be weather resistant in certain ways. As you know that most trolleys are made of an external metal body corrosion is the main enemy. Thus if your trolleys have to be kept untended in the open make sure that they are covered with a trolley cover so that they remain resistant to the vagaries of the sun and the moisture.

To further increase the durability in extremely harsh weather conditions you have to make sure that the outside body of them is anodized so that they are corrosion resistant.

Checking out the load platform dimensions

The loading platform is one of the main parts of a trolley that you have to check various parameters. You need to make sure that the load platform dimensions are large enough to hold the load so that they fully fit within the load platform.