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Following these steps to wash off eye spills will save your life!

Life is all full of surprises, and surprises are not always good. Sometimes they make you think, sometimes they make you cry, and at worst they make you suffer for life. When it comes to spillage, hazardous chemicals can deprive anyone of their abilities in seconds or minutes. The world that we cherish, its colors and its people, it all could cease to exist in minutes. This is where prevention and planning come in. We cannot totally zero out the misfortunes, but we can plan to reduce their brutal inflictions and aftermath. Even the slightly harsh chemicals can turn one blind if not taken care of properly. This is why we point out a few things that one could do to prevent the damage. To have the best eye wash station is divine, but to know how to use it comes vital. And what if you don’t have it with you?

Eye Spillage at laboratories dealing with harsh chemicals!

Labs are the hotspot for such injuries. Although people deal with extra care, doubled eve, to help prevent such tragedies, they still do happen. Laws of almost all the countries make it necessary to have spill kits to prevent the damage, and a spill station or wash station to reduce the damage. Spill containment in Australia has become a necessity. Almost all material industries these days deal with harsh corrosive chemicals these days. This is why the industries do use Spill Kits and Wash Stations. Here is what you must if faced with such a circumstance.

  • Make no delay: If the chemical goes into your eyes, immediately move to an eye wash station. An eye wash station proves vital when it comes to these situations. They are made in a way that makes them work very effectively. Pull the lever and move your eyes to the location of the gentle spray. Open your eyes widely and keep them washing for at least 15-20 minutes to an hour in case of harsh chemicals until some medical help arrives. If those contact lenses do not come off during the wash at the earliest, remove them by hands. Chemicals take their time to do the damage and this is why one needs to let the water stay running for long. Seek help from anyone around. The best eye wash station can be the difference between light and lost-sight.
  • Keep your eyes rotating: Do not let your eyeballs stay at a position. Keep them rotating in directions to take out every bit of chemical. Liquid has a tendency to reach corners.
  • Seek medical assistance: Once you feel that the burning sensation stops, seek medical assistance to make sure you are free of any further risk. Do not hesitate. And remove any clothing material that came into the contact of corrosive chemicals.
  • Use Spill Showers: If the spill is large then move immediately to the shower. Remove all your clothing and stay under it for at least 15-20 minutes to an hour. Use absorbents to prevent the contaminated water going around. If the water goes into drain and the chemical is hazardous, contact and converse the same to the authorities. Dispose of the contaminated clothes.

Spillage at home or other common area:

Residential areas and common places do not usually deal with such high-intensity corrosive materials. One might not have the reach to the best eye wash station. In case you are at home or anywhere public, use the tap immediately and make sure the water is clean. Do not use infected water over the area to reduce any bacterial infection. Follow the above guidelines with care and seek medical assistance.

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