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Finding the safety features and various industrial uses of a safety step

Many times there are times when using a ladder is not the right option within the industrial premises. Unless you have foldable ladder storage of a conventional ladder is always space-consuming.

Using a ladder in congested and narrow spaces is not possible and this is why you can use one alternative to it. This alternative that we are going to talk about is a load platform or a safety step that gives you just a couple of additional feet of height extension.

If you have racks and shelves that are just out of your reach then choosing to go with safety steps is a much better alternative.

Safety features of an industrial safety step-

Let’s get to know the top five safety features that are installed in the safety steps. Now, there can be additional safety features that come with it but having the ones mentioned below are mandatory.

Durable and industrial-grade molded plastic

Make sure that the plastic that has been used in the making of the safety steps is durable and is of industrial grade. It should comply with the terms and specifications of the industrial-grade mold of plastic that is fit to handle the tough environment within the industries.

Anti-slipping and shockproof mat at the top of the base

Generally, the safety steps have an anti-slipping or anti-shock mat fitted to the top of the base of the step. This can be very helpful. It is a sheet generally made of a specially vulcanized rubber that fits on the base of the step and provides firmer grip o[n the base.

Additionally, it also prevents the risks of electrical shock as rubber is one of the worst conductors of electricity.

Retractable castor wheels at the bottom

Having castor wheels in your Heavy Duty Safety Steps is important. But not when they are in use isn’t it? this is why you should ensure that a safety step should have wheels as they allow easier maneuverability of the step and do not have to be essentially carried by hand, but these castor wheels should also be retractable when a worker is using the safety step.

A non-slipping rubber skirting at the bottom

Just like you need to have a non-slipping rubber mat on top of the base of the safety step you will need a bottom skirting made of rubber too.

Having a non-slippery rubber skirting prevents the safety steps from dragging down or prevent it from slipping. It provides a firmer grip of the safety step to the floor.

Extra feet at the middle providing extra support at the middle section

Sometimes you will have to ensure that the safety steps have a leg in the middle within them. This will provide extra support and better load handling capacity at the middle section of the step preventing it from bending or sagging due to constant exertion of pressure at the top.

Industries that use safety steps

Now, various industries are using safety steps. The use is primarily done because these are easy to use and can be sued in narrower areas where a ladder might not be the right option.

Before buying safety steps it is important to consult with a safety and compliance expert related to your industry and getting more ideas on which step to buying.

Here are some of the industries that are using safety steps-