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False Teeth, Real Smile

A smile has been rated as one of the best features of a human face. This is why dental care and oral hygiene is of utmost importance. Decay or falling teeth can make you self-conscious about your smile. Another factor to consider is the impact missing teeth have on the facial muscle structure and jawline. The solution? Dentures

Dentures have been the best way to get a working teeth set once the real ones fall. These false teeth were once looked down as an option because of discomfort and how fake they looked. But advanced dentistry and prosthodontics at several leading clinics such as Complete Denture Care in Wantirna, Australia ensures that you get a full or a partial denture that looks natural and appealing.

Types of Dentures

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are a full set of teeth that is attached to a plastic base that replicates gum tissue. These dentures have suction mechanism that forms a seal with the gums to stay in place. If you have few natural teeth remaining, the option is to go for partial denture or a full denture that fits over them. 

Partial Dentures

These dentures are created to only fill the areas of missing teeth. They are supported with a plastic or a metal framework to clasp and adapt to the natural teeth. In such a case, the dentures are prepared to match the colour of the existing teeth.

Misconceptions about Dentures

Dentures are made from various materials including acrylic. There have been many misconceptions because of which people avoid them. Here’s a list of things that aren’t true when it comes to dentures:

  • They don’t look real: With top clinics such as Complete Denture Care, they are fabricated according to your needs. Apart from a custom fit, the denture process goes through various stages to ensure they look real when you smile
  • They aren’t comfortable: Dentures feel like a foreign object in the initial stage but they are designed to provide maximum comfort while talking and eating. It may take time to adapt to them, but they aren’t uncomfortable to wear
  • It will change the shape of my face: No, it won’t. Prosthodontics has become so advanced that there will be barely a difference in the appearance of the face. Dentures are personalised to ensure that your gums, lips, tongue and surrounding facial features are maintained. Trial sessions with wax moulds are used to check the fit before finalising the final shape
  • It will affect my speech: In the initial stages when you are getting used to new dentures, you might feel some lisping but once you adapt to it, there will be no effect on the original speech patterns
  • It affects the way I eat: Since you are introducing a new object to your mouth, you will need some time to adjust. But it will not hamper your ability to chew and eat, in fact, enhance it so you have the option to eat things that you previously avoided
  • Dentures are costly: Full dentures are affordable compared to implants. Also, a new denture will function optimally for a minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 years