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A handy guide for the end of lease cleaning Adelaide

Switching rental homes can be cumbersome and has to be given some time. You need to properly plan everything that you do. It is not something that you should leave until the day your lease agreement becomes void.

End of lease cleaning Adelaide is one mandatory activity that every tenant must perform to get a full refund of your rental bond agreement.

Here we will try and understand what the thing that you need to understand both as a tenant and as a landlord for the end of lease clean adelaide agreement.

What is the end of lease cleaning agreement?

The end of lease cleaning is an agreement that is signed by both the tenant and the landlord at the beginning of a tenancy. According to this contract, the landlord specifies the conditions of all the things in the real estate property.

If you are a landlord then you can check out the end of lease cleaning reviews to gain a more detailed idea about it.

And at the end of the lease contract, the landlord or his agent performs an inspection to check if the belongings are in a similar or expected condition. If not then you the landlord will lodge for a claim of a certain amount to indemnify the losses. 

What happens when you don’t perform the end of lease cleaning Adelaide Hills?

A tenant is certainly expected to make things in order or as they were at the start of signing the tenant agreement. So the tenant needs to clean, repair, and maintain all the things in the real estate before moving out for one last time.

For example, if you are living in Australia then you must perform the end of lease cleaning Adelaide hills by exit clean.

If you don’t know what is the thing involved in the bond clean or exit cleanly then check out the agreement. All the details of your duties as a tenant for exit clean are mentioned in the agreement.

If you don’t perform the usual duties as specified within the agreement then you may have to indemnify the landlord who will launch a claim from the bond deposit amount at the start of the agreement.

Understanding the process behind the bond process agreement 

There are some basic things that you have to understand about the end of lease cleaning Adelaide

Documenting the initial condition report

The first thing as a part of the bond clean is documenting the initial condition of each thing in the property. This is done by a real estate agent hired by the landlord usually. You are expected to agree with the report and sign on it.

What can the tenant do for their protection?

As a tenant, you can take photographs to keep as proof of the items in the estate. This will act as proof and protect you against any fraudulent claims made by the landlord.

Why documenting is a better process?

Documenting the initial condition report is a much better process according to most end of cleaning reviews. There have been fewer chances of a misunderstanding and litigation among the landlord and the tenant in most cases of a rental agreement where a document was prepared initially.

Completing your final exit clean a few months prior

As mentioned before that as a part of the end of cleaning Adelaide hills you must perform all the essentials such as cleaning and repairing the estate to its prior condition.

Things that the tenants have to do as a part of the bond cleaning process-

Although you have to restore everything to its normal condition end of lease cleaning Adelaide here is what you might have to do-

  • Cleaning the steamrolling the carpets
  • Cleaning the kitchen equipment, repairing bulbs and kitchen chimneys
  • Repairing the walls and skirtings
  • Replacing the curtains and blinds that were damaged
  • Make sure the windows are clean and dust-free
  • Wipe out the dust from the racks and shelves
  • Wash the floors and if necessary renovate them
  • Cleaning the washroom and toilet

What is usually excluded?

Usually, a part of the end of lease cleaning you don’t have to repair or replace anything has been damaged, faded, or irreplaceable due to the general wear and tear.

Also, you need to leave out a few things that the owner wants to change anyway. It is expected that you will discuss these things before signing on the bond cleaning agreement.

Final inspection of the leased property by the landlord

Once the lease agreement ends the property will be inspected by the landlord or through his appointed real estate agent.

This is to verify whether all the things are restored to their original condition as mentioned in the bond cleaning agreement. Any findings are separately documented and a claim report is prepared.

Bond refund for the tenant

At the end of the inspection, the bond amount is refunded by indemnifying any loss or repair or damaged portion in the estate.