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Do you need to buy spill kits for your truck or fleet?

A spill kit is something that proves not only cost-saving but life-saving too. They help us contain the hazard quickly. The Work Health and Safety Law mandates using spill kits and other safety products in the work area. You will need to buy drum spill pallet, Spill Station says, or other spill kits. It ensures safety in the work environment. But what about fleets and trucks? Do you need to buy spill kits from Spill Station for it too? After all, they too can carry materials of different sorts!

When do you need spill kits for your truck?

There are Australian laws that make it mandatory for people working in the hazardous environment of dealing with hazardous materials to take preventive measures. It is not just to ensure the safety of the people in question but also to ensure the safety of our environment. We keep on hearing the loss of marine life due to oil spills and all. For this very reason, the companies involved need to take preventive steps.

The purpose of Section 116 of Protection of Environment’s Operations Act is not just to protect the environment, but to restore and enhance it. This section targets leaks, spills, and other forms in which the hazardous material can escape in the environment. For this, industries need to buy spill kits.

There are also codes as stated by the Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road Rail.

Then comes section 4.8 of the Code of Practice for Storage of Dangerous Goods that mandates certain things in order to ensure the safety against hazardous goods. The wordings of this section ask people to keep proper supplies in order to contain the contamination and risk spilled off by hazardous goods. Now, what are hazardous goods?

What are hazardous goods?

Any good that has the potential to bring harm to the life around. It can bring damage to human lives, animal and plant life, marine life, etc. Toxic materials will straightaway be deemed as dangerous goods. But what about goods that are not toxic but still pose risk to the life around them? For example, take oil. If the oil has the ability to catch fire at temperatures stated and damage its surroundings, it will come in the category of dangerous goods.

Furthermore, oil has a huge tendency to put marine life to extinction.

So what about trucks? When and why do trucks and fleets need to buy spill kits from, Spill Station says, approved places.

When do trucks and fleets need spill kits? – Spill Station

If you are dealing in the transportation of dangerous and hazardous goods from one place to another, you need to practice proper preventive measures to ensure safety. For this, one must carry spill kits with them to make sure that if there happens any tragedy, there are proper supplies to contain the spill. What do truck spill kits contain?

  • Spill Absorbent booms to contain spillages from spilling away.
  • Spill absorbent pads.
  • Waste Bags to contain the absorbed material.
  • Tank or drum repair putty.
  • Instruction manual, and that too clear and laminated.
  • Wall locator.
  • PPEs and other protective equipment in case the material transported is toxic or very dangerous.

Never try to compromise your safety and that of the environment. If you find out that you are dealing in hazardous goods then fill your fleet with spill kits. Make sure that the kits you use have been approved by an appropriate authority.

Spill Station offers high-quality spill kits and all other protective equipment, for example, drum spill pallet Spill Station. Buy spill kits from Spill Station whenever you are dealing with dangerous goods.