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Digital Marketing Fundamentals that an SEO Expert should be aware of

For SEO professionals and marketing organisation leaders trying to fund growth and recovery by doing more with less by revisiting the budget and available resources are very essential. It is very good to practice allocating a part of the budget to innovating and testing new ideas. That part of the budget might shrink as marketers would look for proven, tried and tested digital marketing strategies and tactics to maximise the performance of the year. 

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Have a look at a few fundamental areas of digital marketing knowledge and opportunities. 

• Understand the digital presence

You would have a good handle on the media you own. The pieces of content, profiles, websites, listings and other assets you have created for yourself. You should know where and when the brand is appearing online in paid placements. Earned media could be tricky. If you are not actively monitoring for brand mentions, relevant social content, inbound links, brand mentions and online reviews, would anyone have a clear picture of the web presence as a whole. Earned media is not only what you actively sought out to build. Social listening, reputation monitoring and search insights could help you inventory and monitor the web presence as a whole. 

• Fundamentals of how search engines work

SEO has evolved from a single digital marketing channel into a business intelligence nerve centre of the organisation. Having a firm grasp of how search engines work I would help you and your team to optimize content and deepen the understanding of how people learn, search and consume content. 

Developing an appreciation for the intricacies of search engine crawling and indexing could guide you in structuring the pages and websites for maximum visibility. Knowing how search algorithms would rank content and what the algorithm cannot do would help you to better optimize the content no quickly and diagnose issues when the analytics point to them. 

• Digital user experience and customer journeys

Succeeding in attracting an audience would require you to have a meaningful and deep understanding of people and the problems you would solve for them. The algorithm updates of search engines are increasingly focusing on improving the experiences people have online and removing friction in each customer’s journey. The consumer can clearly understand the sacrifice of privacy and online tracking. They expect personalized experiences. Across various devices, platforms and sessions, customers would expect seamless interaction and experiences right from the beginning to the end. This holistic view of the customer life cycle would table the stakes going forward. 

• Fundamentals of competitor analysis

The art and science of competitor analysis keep evolving. Competitors might not be who you think in the online space. You will be competing for time with other businesses that sell services and products just like yours. The companies are competing against social networks, media publications, forums, business listings, photo and video assets and are bringing increasingly rich and diverse search results.

There is an increasing number of potential touchpoints for competitors such as video ads, push notifications and podcasts from influencer marketing and augmented reality. It is very important to have a clear view of who is getting in front of your customers and how. You could replicate their efforts and it is not a way to stand out.

Competitor analysis can inform budget allocation to the ad networks, content types and campaigns that can keep your brand on top of the mind and positioned head in every possible channel. 

• Content and digital marketing

Content is an integral part of marketing success so that the marketing agencies and brands could acquire their content studios. You might not be in a position to build or buy an entire in-house studio. The size of your organisation and the scope of your content needs would guide the best production strategy. This would mean bringing in editors, writers, videographers, photographers and other creative people in-house. 

Others would choose to augment in-house marketing teams with an agency or freelance creatives or even turn the production to external contractors.

What would matter the most is not how it comes together but the brand would have processes people and tools in place to promote and create optimised content based on the demand and requirement of your audience.

• Online advertising

Long-lasting and hard organic search results are valuable but most of the digital marketing strategies would have an element of paid promotion as well. There would not be any shortage on the paid side from SEM to display and native ads, social media advertising, digital out of home and so on.

Staying up-to-date on what is happening in the evolving paid media landscape could be important for all digital marketers. It could be beneficial for those who are directly responsible for campaign management.

For SEO professionals, content marketers, email marketers and the CMOs who drive strategy, developing a deeper understanding of paid media could help in making better use of it to complement the document with all types of campaigns.

•Social media

Social media could still be a great channel for great finds and in engaging potential customers. Business features may be different based on the platform but the brand should claim all available profiles and listings. If you are less active on some, make use of attributes or descriptions to point the prospects to connect with the brand on more active channels.

Some people might forget that LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other networks, of them, have search functions of their own that the consumers could use to find relevant businesses.

Consumers are looking for brands to be responsive and authentic. They would be reading reviews on Facebook or other social networks before converting and hence you will have to keep track of social media pages and respond to new reviews.

You should have workflows and permissions in place to make sure that for and 9th social marketing are empowered to engage. However, there are brand protections in place. You should have clearly defined customer service and issue escalation processes available to make sure that each interaction is as positive and useful as possible.