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How to Promote Your Business Effectively with Custom Tote Bags in Australia?

Advertising happens to be a time-consuming, expensive and a mind-boggling task. You should understand that not many people promote his or her business in the market and get ample amount of bang for the bucks!

There are a variety of ways for promoting your brand starting from pamphlets, creation of website, hoardings, social media marketing, search engine optimisation and much more. All these approaches, undoubtedly, are quite impactful but what they may also do is to dig a hole in your pocket!

That is why you should use some of the intelligent and inexpensive ways for creating a solid brand presence and the customised products like the customised tote bags are the best options in this case.

The tote bags are the dream promotional items that are inexpensive to produce!! They are handy products that the consumers can carry easily no matter where they go and are a great fashion statement!

Most importantly, these customised bags are also eco-friendly and if you use these products for promoting your business, it will also portray your business in the right light as a responsible brand who care for all.

Here are some ways in which you can use these personalised tote bags for promoting your business.

  • Give Out as Freebies – You should provide the customised totes to your clients for reaching a particular number of items. This will surely make them satisfied as it will be a surprise gift. What’s more, as the tote bags are extremely functional your customers can carry them wherever they go! Audiences always love such functional items as gifts. As a result of that, they will keep coming back to your store time and again and remember your brand for a long time!
  • Use it for Store Events – You should reward your customers for showing up at the events that are hosted for your business. Your brand needs these people as ambassadors who make it a point to visit your business event at any cost. They are excited about what the business is going to present and are pleased to spread a great word of mouth after a satisfactory experience.
  • Distribute Them after a Board Meeting – The customised tote bags can serve as great corporate gifts. And after a board meeting you can actually provide your affiliate marketers or brand partners or sponsors with these after ensuring their quality. These customised tote bags won’t fail to entice them.
  • Go for Public Speaking Events – The seminars and conferences tend to attract an engaged audience so they are quite ideal to create solid brand identity. At the events that involve public speaking, you can boost the excitement of the audience. You should make use of that by leaving your audience with a simple way for keeping your business etched in their mind for a long time.
  • Cross Promote the Tote Bags – The customised tote bags can also give you an opportunity of promotion which will benefit your business as well as other businesses. You should consider offering the totes to the local business. For example, you can connect with the local farmer and then give that away with their local produce. The vendor will benefit from the functional product while your business’s name and logo will spread. This can be hence, mutually beneficial for both the businesses. It will also spread brand awareness for a company far and wide.
  • Use The, as the Employee Welcome Presents– The employees are the greatest assets and the best medium of your brand endorsement. So you can distribute tote bags as a welcome package for them. You can fill it with the first day office essentials like the orientation packets and desk supplies. A keen staff happens to be tell-tale signs of healthy business. Added to that, your team has the most profound understanding about how your brand and can speak about the company authentically.
  • Distribute in Charity Events and Fairs – Do you take a booth at the charity event almost on a regular basis? The high traffic fairs are great places to showcase your branded totes. You should give away these totes to people who join the email list or donate for the causes.

The above are some of the ways to promote your business with the quality custom tote bags in Australia. These will assist your business to create its own niche in the industry without making a dent in the pocket!

Nitesh Ranjan

Nitesh Ranjan is a digital marketing expert with keen interest on topics, trends and ideas related to brand promotion and advertising. He regularly shares information on the ways to market businesses across digital channels for better ROI, increased conversions and more sales. His blog can help anyone interested in boosting the online visibility in the digital world and eyeing access to a wider and bigger marketplace without spending big on marketing. Trust his digital marketing knowledge to enhance your brand’s presence on the internet.