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Advantages and Disadvantages of Colourbond Roof Restoration

The popularity of metal roofs make them ideal for homes and the coated roof made from steel or more popular as colourbond roofing is the choice of many homeowners. For Roof Restoration in Melbourne, you have to analyse the pros and cons of this roof type before selecting the best option.

The following points highlight the reasons you should choose colourbond roof restoration in Cheltenham.

1. Flexibility of design

With effective spanning capability, which is suitable for sturdy structures, colourbond roofing offers additional free floor area. Due to the full range of colours in this kind of roofing, the building owners and designers get more freedom for incorporating creativity for making the structure unique. Moreover, you can check different profiles that are suitable for the design and appearance of roofs. Due to the bonding between colour and material, you may not have to paint this category of the roof often.

2. Elasticity and rigidity 

When it comes to roof restoration in Frankston, Use of colourbond roofing material is more popular as it is one of the sturdiest roofing options available today. The material has undergone trial and testing for many years to find out its suitability in different and harshest weather conditions. It provides resistance to termites, which makes it more durable besides its aesthetic appearance.

3. No maintenance and sturdy material 

If you consider the maintenance of colourbond roofing material, it is very little. Due to the baked finish, the material can resist cracking, chipping and peeling. Furthermore, the material is non-combustible, weathertight, and offers the highest level of security. This kind of roofing material is suitable for different types of homes. Whether the roof has little pitch, no pitch, or very little pitch, you can choose it for all types of roofs. The lightweight material takes very little strain of weight during installation. It also offers heavy protection from wind.

4. Offers high thermal insulation

The color bind roofing provides excellent insulation during the summer and winter season. Thanks to the thermal efficiency of this material. Quite naturally, the material does not radiate a lot of heat to your home, making it an ideal option for summer. The roof structure takes very little time to cool down at night. If you Advantages and Disadvantages of Colourbond Roof Restorationare looking forward to a roofing structure that reduces the energy bills you pay every month.

5. Collection of water

Colourbond roofs can collect more rainwater when compared with the storage tanks. Therefore, if you are keen to collect more rainwater, whether, for animals, roofs or gardens, the colourbond roof is naturally a better option than the rest. The absorbency of this material is higher than the concrete tiles. Besides this, it is a corrugated metal sheet that includes bonded paint that helps in sealing it from moisture.

Despite the benefits you get from colourbond roofs, the material is not devoid of a few disadvantages as well. The following points outline the cons of this roof.

  1. Although you do not need to paint colourbond roofs every year or alternative years, the color tends to deteriorate after every ten years and refinishing is the only option.
  2. Unless you place an acoustic cover on the surface of this roof, this metal roof can create a lot of noise.
  3. If you fail to acquire colourbond roof from reliable and reputed service providers, you can fall prey to those companies that create a replica of this material, but use very cheap roofing structure, which is hard to detect.
  4. You may have to cut several parts of your roof for the installation of a central air conditioning system.

Before choosing colourbond roofing material, you have to analyze the pros and cons to arrive at a suitable decision.