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Can you use body lotions in place of face moisturizers for men?

So Joe has come out on the beach to cherish a soothing summer noon. He has his beach recliner ready, his beer by his side, sunglasses on, but then he looks inside his bag! There are no moisturizers for men (Australia) but some body lotion alone. He now wonders if he can use it in place of moisturizers! We all go through situations like this when we have one product and not the other. Yes. The market is all full of body care products like SPF creams for skin, best shampoo for hair growth, body lotions and moisturizers for different purposes, etc. So what should you know about these different products for skin? Can you replace one product with another?

Body Lotions vs Moisturizers!

Although many people use the terms interchangeably, they do not mean the same thing. Creams and lotions have different mechanisms, purposes, and feelings. But there might come a time when you have one and not the other one! For example, you might have face moisturizers for men Australia but not lotion. What to do in these cases? Let’s first understand the difference.

Body lotions!

Lotions have a higher water content in them and lesser oil content. This is what makes their texture to be thinner than most face creams and moisturizers. Lotions are usually made for medicinal purposes. However, these days, there are lotions that serve the very basic purpose of providing water to the body and protecting it against the whips of sun and heat. Face moisturizers for men and women work otherwise.

Another thing about lotions is that they work on the epidermis, which is the upper layer of the skin. They also are less greasy because of the lesser oil content in them. It works greatly in summer by providing the body with lost water content. It also gets absorbed more quickly than creams and moisturizers.

Moisturizers for Men and Women!

When it comes to moisturizers, they have more viscosity, which means that they are thicker in nature. Moisturizers are mainly made to provide more care to the skin. They get made using different oils, acids, and other natural products. This leads to a more profound impact on the skin. They penetrate the skin deeply and work with different mechanisms.

When choosing moisturizers for men (Australia) make sure you choose the right kind. There are mainly three kinds of moisturizers:

  • Emollients –They get inside your top layer of skin and fill the space that had been created by dead cells. This space leads to loss of moisture.
  • Humectants – They attract moisture from the environment and then lock it there.
  • Occlusives – They are simple lipids and oils like petroleum jelly. They leave you with a more oily look. Thus, you would not want to use it on the face.

When it comes to face, you use high-quality moisturizers for men (Australia) that work scientifically on treating your skin and protecting it thereafter. When it comes to the body, you would want to use body lotions. But what if you have one but not another?

If the lotion is not medicinal and no cautions are given, you can try applying it on the face. However, do not go under the direct sun if the lotion does not contain any sun-burn protecting SPF product. The lotion will fail to protect the gentle skin of your face. Also, do not use a lotion that can cause harm to your face.

Apart from that, there is not much difference between a lotion and a moisturizer. You can try face moisturizers on your body too, but it might work more or less. It also might cost you more because moisturizers are comparatively costly.

Do your research well before choosing body care products. If it is about the best shampoo for hair growth, choose one that has no harsh chemicals and is a fine blend of science and nature. It will heal your hair loss. Do the same about body-cream too. Choose the moisturizers for men (Australia) that do not contain chemicals apt of harming your skin type.