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Best Window Air Conditioner in Australia – The Best Choice in 2022

Can’t an oversized air conditioner only cover a portion of your room? Isn’t that already annoying? Even the energy bills for large electric units make you nervous when you’re living with unaffordable central air conditioning, don’t they? 

We acknowledge how irritating this is! But it’s time to resign yourself from these maddening situations. We’re going to blow you away with the complete guidelines from pros, cons to buying the best Window AC in Australia. 

Go through the complete article and let yourself know about the best and affordable Window Air conditioner with fascinating capabilities.

Have a look!

What Is A Window Air Conditioner, And Why Is It Still Popular?

A window air conditioner is also known as a room air conditioner. It’s the simplest type of AC unit, usually fixed to windows or walls. The box or case that attaches to the back of the AC unit contains all its components inside it. 

Window air conditioners are still popular across the globe. There are numerous reasons behind its fame. But people usually prefer it to buy because of the affordable price tag. They are not very expensive or wouldn’t increase your budget too. Commonly, the price tag starts from $150 to $500 maximum.  And you can easily get window AC service and repair team at a reasonable price in your area. 

Its popularity also stems from the fact that they don’t occupy large floor spaces. They can easily fit or install at the windows or walls without affecting the area’s decor. Window AC is the best option for small homes or rooms. Since they don’t high-rise the electricity bills’ units, they are known as energy savers too. 

Pros & Cons Of Window Air Conditioners

Even though window air conditioners offer thousands of advantages, there must be some drawbacks. Let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages of Window AC!

Advantages of Window Air Conditioner


Window AC is the best choice for temporary residence. You can comfortably carry it to another place. By purchasing it, even after shifting to a new residence, you don’t have to look for another AC unit. It will effectively save your time for doing this.


The incredibly low price tags are the biggest advantage of window AC. They are sizeable than the split unit AC, but the inexpensiveness creates a major difference.

Use anywhere

From bedrooms, kitchens, offices, and universities, they will be a comfortable device anywhere.

It will be beneficial for both permanent and temporary residence. For students, fixing it in their rooms makes them feel more cosy and enjoyable. And by installing window AC in office cabins or university classes, the owner doesn’t have to pay higher bills than central AC.

Downsides of window air conditioner

Measurement of the window

This is a crucial problem reported most of the time. The size of the window air conditioner is often increased or decreased than the window. This problem makes the consumer go through with difficulty. Make sure you measure your window frame before purchasing the window AC.

Security risk

If you’re leaving the area for a few days and your AC is placed at ground level, there’s a security risk for sure. You will have to remove the unit from the window or improve the security before leaving the house.

Block natural elements

Window AC units restrict the fresh air or light from coming inside the room since they block the window completely where they installed it due to their bulky size.

Therefore, you cannot open the window to let fresh air come in. This may cause some diseases to the senior citizens.

When Should You Service Your Window AC?

The window air conditioner servicing and repairing depends on how much you use it. However, it would be best if you planned to filter out the dirt after every six weeks to six months. It’s also appreciated if you filter your window unit daily. The clean and filtered window AC is considered to consume less energy. 

Maintaining a clean window AC will protect it from mould and bacteria. Moreover, keeping the AC dirt-free seems difficult for some people, but it’s very simple if you have the required cleaning material.

It becomes harder to clean if you don’t wash it regularly, so take it down in winter or when you won’t use it. It will save the AC from daily moulds or bacteria, or you can also hire a reputable AC service and repair team. But until getting a well-organized team, make sure to spray hydrogen peroxide regularly to kill the mildews.

Best Window Air Conditioners   

Following are the best window air conditioners you should buy in 2022. 

1.     87050 Window Mini-Compact Air Conditioner

The 5,000 BTU window 115V mini compact window air conditioner is made to cool places up to 150 sq. Ft. The size of your window isn’t a concern; this mini cooling device can easily fit into any measurement. It possesses dual functionality. You can accelerate the fan to warm up or cool down the room quickly.  

5,000 BTU window 115V mini compact window air conditioner also contains an anti-microbial mesh filter to kill the affecting bacteria or moulds. It will keep quiet usually so you can stay asleep comfortably on your bed.

2.     FFRA0511R1 Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

This amazing window AC uses a 115V electric outlet. It’s an AC consisting of mechanical controls. FFRA0511R1 Window-Mounted Air Conditioner can’t keep the whole house cool, but it’s the best choice to keep a room cool down perfectly. It maintains the current room temperature so you can stay cosy and comfy all the time. You can easily clean and filter out the dust in it.  

3.     LW8016ER Energy Star Window Air Conditioner

By using the energy star window AC, you can cool down spaces up to 350 sqft. It’s the best mini and portable device to keep in a medium-size room. The multiple fan speeds permit you to control the cooling temperature.

LW8016ER Energy Star Window Air Conditioner wipes out an unnecessary sound. The sound level of this AC is as low as 53db. It can ideally match your window frame, which increases the room’s beauty. They can install easily and consist of reusable filters.

Bottom line

As you can see, there are different aspects of using a Window Air Conditioner. Some could benefit you, and some could not provide you with any advantage. Although, installing window AC is 10x times better than central AC. It will not just give you affordability but portability too.

From 87050 Window Mini-Compact Air Conditioner to LW8016ER Energy Star Window Air Conditioner, they share unbeatable features to provide you with rocking benefits. Check out the reliability of every device, then select what suits your needs!