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A brief review of the types of material handling equipment for industrial use

The range of machines, devices, equipment, and gadgets used in industries is immense. It ranges from the most developed and high-tech ones to the simple machines that run on manual power. When you take a look at the different types of machines and equipment in the industries you can surely segregate them into groups such as those for manufacturing, processing, segregating, purifying, waste removal, and handling and storage.

Most industries these days make use of almost minimal manual power to complete a task or a part of a process. Almost everything in the industry is automated these days. While some machines run on a full auto mode, others run on semi-auto mode while others are utility machines helping you to carry out your daily job.

So in this article, we will give you a brief review of the types of material handling equipment that you come across in industries. Let’s begin…

But wait… before we do so we would like to state to you that all the equipment that we have mentioned below is highly simple. We have taken all those general-purpose equipment that are used in any and almost all industries. We have left out all the highly complex and high-tech machines as they are solely manufactured and designed for a particular industry such as medical equipment or construction equipment.

Industrial trolleys

Industrial trolleys are one of the most used materials handling equipment. If you are owning a warehouse or a storage depot then you know the utility of this equipment more than anything else.

Industrial trolleys come in many shapes and sizes installed with many features so ensure to know about them before buying one.

Lifting equipment

There are some industries where handling items means lifting them in the air, rotating them, turning them, and doing other simple operations.

There are various types of lifting equipment that can come to your rescue depending on the type of application you want to put them in or the type of material handling equipment you want with them.

Drum handling

Drums, vessels, and large round cylindrical containers or even tanks can be used as storage equipment, processing equipment, or intermediary storage. Handling these items manually is not viable especially when they are all filled up.

And this is why you need to have drum material handling equipment to ensure that it is done in the right way without hampering your productivity output or causing accidents and injuries.

Hazardous goods storage cabinets and signage labels

Some of the industries manufacture, store, or even distribute hazardous items. These items can include kerosene, petrol, LPG gas cylinders, or other flammable stuff, or even explosive items.

Some of the industries that cater to these industries include certain chemical manufacturing industries, paints industries, any industry associated with the petroleum or crude refining and processing, and even firework manufacturing industries.

For storing such items you will need to have specially manufactured hazardous goods storage cabinets with clear labels and signage on them to indicate their vulnerability.

Ladders and equipment

Ladders can be a source of primary material handling equipment but take nothing apart from them as they are despite this one of the most critical and essential items that any industry cannot go without.

If you just have a look at the types of ladders including their features and safety measures you will be spellbound given the varieties. There are various types of ladders some of them especially made to fit into the needs of a few industries.

Plastic crates and bins

Last but not least on our list comes the plastic bins, crates, bins, tanks, and circular or rectangular tanks which are some of the most highly used material handling equipment across all industrial sectors.