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A bad website design can ruin the efforts of your quality backlinks!

They say it is all about link building when it comes to a website’s success. Although link building plays a giant part in the digital growth, it alone fails to lift a website up. Very similar to the fact that fuel is indeed required to fly a plane, but wings too play a part! It is a harmony of different things that together get blended into a beautiful play. People, says PerfectLinkBuilding, buy backlinks (Australia) and then think that it will caress their digital dreams to pleasure. PerfectLink Building is one of the best link building company Australia and thus we spoke to it.

It said that when we talk of the digital success of a company, we talk of so many things and not just link building. One of these so many things is web design. It impacts! And it impacts well!

Web Design and Link Building work together!

What would this heart feel like if we get invited sweetly to a home for dinner and then find out that the dining table has a crooked leg and the main gate is rusty? Sheer displeasure, disappointment, and disgust! But similar things happen every day on the internet. People buy backlinks, place them within a post, and we get sent to a website through a link between an article. With hope, we click, but Alas! The website we get taken to is all poor and unstructured.

Is it a good experience? We think, no! And lately has this been announced by Google that Page Experience would be a direct ranking factor.

What we mean by this is that your backlinks won’t lose their link juice but will fall useless if you won’t have a good web design too. Here is the indirect relationship –

  • Higher Bounce Rate – When a visitor see a website loads slowly and lags, it will exit within seconds. It will lead to a higher bounce rate and will thus impact your SERP ranking directly.
  • Less Conversion Rate – If landing pages are built poorly and wrongly placed, no matter how much efforts and cost you pay to, says Perfectlinkbuilding, buy backlinks in Australia, the user won’t get converted. It takes art and science together to create the perfect landing pages that convert.
  • Less Rate in Core Web Vitals means your ranking will be directly impacted and thus your backlinks won’t impact much. Core Web Vitals decide if a website is loading fast, is secure, has action buttons working fast, is adjusting quickly, has no intrusive pop-ups, etc.
  • Lower level of Relationship – When it comes to business, the relationship between customer and business is something that gets cared for. If the relationship is good, the business grows. A poor web design spills a bad impact on the visitors and thus they tend to remember other businesses over the main one.

So, how to make sure that your web design is supporting the efforts of your backlinks? Here is what to do!

How to have a web design that supports backlinks and SEO!

A web design is like a digital showroom of a company with added features. You do all the marketing efforts to bring people in, but if the walls are damp and the floor rugged, the people will show you your back. Here are a few things that Google has declared to be having a direct impact on the SERP rankings.

  • Core Web Vitals
  • Page Experience (PE)
  • User Experience (Ux or UE)

Get these things right along with a clearly defined website, and you’ll have your website ready for the takeoff.

Create Landing Pages that convert!

Landing pages are like the place where you talk to your customers directly about your products and then pull them further towards the end of the sales funnel. There are many different types of landing pages depending upon the needs. Some are used to take information from visitors in return for something valuable; some landing pages are made to make a final pitch before they are ready to purchase. Says PerfectLinkBuilding, buy backlinks Australia or anywhere but make sure that those links are sending your visitors to the rightly carved landing pages.

Have a simple navigation!

We all hate a building where things are not clear; where we do not know what step to take to reach this or that place. The same happens with the website. Many people think that having navigation that is confusing can help them retain customers over the site for long and thus a lower bounce rate. But when we look at it in terms of Page Experience, it is a poor experience. Google will drop your site on SERP.

Furthermore, no visitor will love a website for long that has poor navigation.

Think about the elements of design!

When we talk of interior designing, there are around 7 elements that all architects and designers consider while shaping a home. These elements help create a profound impact and serve the value for the money.

When thinking about web design make sure you are taking care of some of them –

  • color
  • space
  • geometry
  • line
  • form
  • pattern

These things decide if a page is able to captivate and convert the visitors or not. Furthermore, where your anchor text is placed after you buy backlinks impacts the conversion rate too.

Take care of Coding!

It is not about a web design alone, but an efficient web design. You can even design a website using website builders, but it will make your website slow. A study found out that website builders make a website around 4 times slower as compared to those made using developers. Why? Because they heap up prebuilt code one after another.

While getting a website, spend some money on a web developer if you have the budget. It will help you make your website faster and thus get an edge over your competitor.

Take care of these few things and you can ensure that when you buy backlinks, they get paid well back by the beautiful web design. Look for a web designer around you. Or if you live in Australia, look for PerfectLinkBuilding to buy backlinks (Australia). PerfectLink Building is one of the best link building company Australia and it has proven it by providing 400-500% growth in sales. Check them out if you have any plans already