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4 Common Building Maintenance Concerns

Some buildings provide trouble-free occupation for several years before a host of problems all happen at once. Sometimes, it’s possible to prevent difficulties with company buildings by actively seeking to locate issues so they can be quickly sorted out. However, a well-used building suffers from some fairly common maintenance concerns even when a degree of preventative maintenance has been performed.

Here are 4 of the most common building maintenance events to be aware of.

Failing Roof Structure

Commercial roofs will last a good number of years but they’re also not infallible. The reality with any roof is that it won’t last indefinitely and especially when it’s ignored.

Typically, buildings are erected away from other structures that can cause damage to it. Therefore, office buildings and industrial structures are situated away from trees and other large impediments to avoid problems in a serious storm.

In the case of commercial roofs, it pays to get it checked out initially if you’re just started using the building. That way, any roofing problems can be tended to before it becomes a safety hazard. Then semi-regular inspections are called for to keep an eye on it. Use a commercial roofing contractor to carry out maintenance checks once or twice a year.

Stair Safety

The stairs that lead up and down aren’t always used as much in a multi-story building where there’s an elevator. However, they do provide an easy way to get to another floor when there’s a queue of people waiting to use it. Stairs are also a fire escape route.

Stairs do need maintenance over time too. They can get damaged or slowly crumple at the edges or corners of each step. Also, their surface can become worn to such a degree that it offers inferior grip too. Therefore, this often-overlooked area of a building should be examined yearly to address these potential issues.

Furthermore, the side railings also should be checked for sturdiness because if someone becomes dizzy or otherwise unsteady, they’re relying on them to prevent their fall.

Timber Support Structures

Timber is sometimes used for affordable shelving and as part of support structures. While metal is certainly more durable, older buildings may still partly use timber.

It’s important to appreciate that over the decades, wood loses up to half its strength. Therefore, its ability to be used as a shelf when it’s aging is doubtful. Replacing older shelving before this happens is necessary.

The same goes for any wooden decking around the building or on the grounds. This will deteriorate if it isn’t repaired and repainted to protect it from the harsh sunlight and occasional rainfall.

Water Supply Lines and Reservoirs

Water supply lines should be periodically checked for potential leaks. A flood is something to avoid because the moisture damage is considerable should it occur. For this reason, it’s best to check the water lines as a precautionary measure.

Storage or reservoirs for water should be checked for hygienic purposes and cleaned or disinfected every few months. Given that water is passed through to office kitchens and other facilities that require H2O, this shouldn’t be overlooked.

Periodic maintenance of industrial and office buildings ensures they remain usable and with fewer hiccups. While the cost is not inexpensive, it wards off higher expenses later.