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11 Expert Tips to Avail Any Loan

Need for money due to natural disasters, hospital emergencies or any unexpected event, is always uncalled for. Even though, we all save money for urgent times but the amount that a situationrequires might be terrifying. The reasons why you opt for a loan. Here are eleven expert tips that you can follow to avail the loan you need become a financialvictim to financial disaster.

Repaying Loan

Never borrow a loan which you cannot repay on time or borrow more than you can repay.Avail a loan that you can easily and timely repay. Your loan should not exceed 50% of your monthly income. Make sure that your income-loan ratio is always balanced.


Maximum tenure for a loan is 30 years that is offered by lenders. The more time the repaying takes, the more you get stuck in the downward spiral of debt. However, take the shortest tenure that is available. The longer your tenure is, the more interest applies.

Play Smartly

If your income rises by 8-10% annually, EMI increase is not a burden if it is in the exact percentage. If you have taken 20 year loan of 50 lacs then you can repay the loan you availed in less than 12 years; if the EMI is increased by 5%.

Pay Regularly

Keep track of the payments and make sure you don’t miss them. Delaying and missing EMI can effect on yourprofile and can become a barrier for you.You might face a penalty of non-payment.

Don’t Make Investments

Never use a loan to invest in anything in the world! Even if your investments return you a higher sum, they are still unstable.

Don’t Get Materialistic

Don’t take travelling, holiday, party, shopping or personal loans for luxury, focus on saving your money instead.


If you are taking a car or house loan, it is better to avail insurance, too. Avail insurance of same amount so you might avoid falling in debt trap later. However, an insurance of 50 lacs won’t take too much of your money.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Documents of a loan are not easy to read. Small fonts and the number of paragraphs can bore you but make sure to read every term and condition to avoid any nasty surprises.

Make a List

Identify and make a list of all the loans that you have taken especially the ones with the higher costs so that you can replace them with low cost ones or with a life insurance policy. remember you can always compare home loans online using comparison websites.

Plan Your Life

Don’t just take loans for your children’s education, avail a loan for your retirement too, your children can avail scholarships but you won’t get any arrangements after you retire.

KeepEveryone Informed

Discuss with your family or a friend who you trust, before taking a loan. This is a fact that the loan repayment will affect your financial conditions or can increase tensions among family members. You can visit Quantum Capital Australia for more information related to loan assistance.